A message from Master, Lady
Channeled by:
September 03, 2011

on this beautiful Labour Day weekend in the areas in the world where this occurs, and to all beautiful children regardless of the holiday. It pleases me to come forth and speak through this child and to all of you.

Through all your walks in this life, one thing that has always remained vital and important and that is . Some children try to deny this, try to deny that they require , or is possible for them to give . Not only is it possible, it is very necessary if you wish to live a life that has real happiness in it. Not the happiness that is bought as that kind of happiness only lasts until the next toy, gadget or something pretty is given or purchased. happens when a person learns to themselves unconditionally and in-turn loves God equally. It is only natural to seek for yourself as you are a nurturing being by nature.

I firmly believe it is important for all beings to recognize themselves as already being perfect. I have spoken of this already through this child in previous messages and I still wish to speak of this perfection. The perfection that is in all of you, includes the mistakes you made along this journey of life, this one that is bringing you into enlightenment includes all, not just what you did right. It is you that decides what is done right or what is done wrong. It is you that creates high expectations to live by. Which ends up causing much hurt as those expectations can be for some unreachable and unrealistic. It is important to have goals and to towards achievement, but make those goals accessible, not out of reach. When I say you are perfect, I mean the whole package of what makes you, YOU.

While seeing this perfection that is within all of you, learn to love all that makes the package of who YOU are. Including that dark side. Yes, even the dark side of yourself needs to be loved. Everyone has a shadow side, how can you not if you live in the . To live in the you had to pass through the shadows. There will always be some shadow to pass through at different times through your life and when you do, you will find even more from God and from yourself waiting for you. Learning to accept yourself, with all the little imperfections and errors and loving yourself unconditionally will help you dear ones to understand others and to be more compassionate and merciful, more GOD-like. Is that not why some of you are on this journey to be one with GOD? You must become one with yourself also, and follow the traits that make God who he is to you. Live always in the , live through your heart, love all unconditionally, regardless of race, ethnicity, beliefs, the list is endless, but all worthy of unconditional love, support and kindness from you. Living this way is a very selfless act as you want nothing in return. The just ‘knowing’ you will get when you know you have reached someone from your gentle ways will be reward enough.

To be in service of others, meaning being selfless does not require you to join the next group, travel with a group through the deserts, working voluntarily in a clinic or anything else. Being of service to others is also being available to listen, to guide, to support by being loving, compassionate, kind and merciful. Each of you have your own way on how you help others, how you give back and share your wisdom and knowledge. Know dear ones, none of it goes unnoticed. We of the Divine see all. We see the good work you have done. What you may think is just a small thing to help another is big to us, as that small help of hand, made changes happen — good changes.

As I prepare to leave, I would like to enfold all of you, including this child receiving my message, in a soft cloud of loving pink Light that is projected from my heart to reach all of you no matter where in this beautiful world you are. Know dear ones I love you dearly.

And so it is, Ascended Maser, Lady Nada through Julie Miller


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