27 September 2011

Channeler: Liora


Manifesting in Unity

Dear Ones

You asked “why do I seem to still manifest experiences of the same lessons. I thought I had raised my vibration enough to have different relating experiences now?&;

, as you are awakening deeper and embodying more Light, you will have initiations to show you where you have shifted through your frequency of limited patterning.

These patterns are directly linked to your Energetic Issue/Soul Signature which keeps your vibration embedded into a limited consciousness of the third dimension.

This vibrational entrainment of frequency has a “tone” of powerlessness and lack, due to the unconscious individual Core belief, of being flawed and worthless.

Yes Beloveds, that is each and every one of you entrained in the vibrational frequency of the third dimension via your etheric bodies. Beyond any mental concepts.

This patterning is deeply sub-consciously buried so as to ensure you have contrast experiences taking you on your perfect destiny path for the desired present incarnation.

Each individual has a specific Soul Essence connected to the so-called Core Issue /wound for the required lessons and experiences for Soul expansion.

As you begin to embody more Light with the deeper releasing of the limited frequency patterns of relating, your vibration shifts accordingly.

One way to observe your new mirrored reality is to see the reflection in the Holograph via these initiations.
Yes Beloveds, is a mirror. Whatever you judge on the outside of yourself is certainly a denied shadow aspect within you.

The process of ascension requires many activations for the potentiality to come into the vibrational frequency of empowered inner Balance.

Until such time you will experience residue repeated core lessons of initiations.

When your vibrational frequency no longer carries the patterning of the once Core Issue/Energetic Core wound, you will be instant manifestors, merely reflecting the vibration of Pure Soul with no blockages of the limitations of the third dimensional mass consciousness.

Beloveds, enjoy this journey, it is surely unique and individual at this Sacred Time of Dawning a New Era of , beginning with YOU, your vibrational frequency of empowerment.

Beloveds, we are always with you. Please call us forward whenever you feel lost and alone and confused. We are here guiding and embracing you at these awakening times knowing everything is unfolding in the pure perfection of Divine Love and Light.

Dear Ones you are so Loved….We are The Angels….

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