2 September 2011

: White Tara


~**~ exists on many levels at once. It is really an intricate collection of distributed throughout the physical and subtle bodies. In fact, each organ of the has a primitive consciousness of its won that allows it to perform specific functions. Each organ is also part of a system. The cardiovascular system, the reproductive system, the digestive system, and the nervous system all include organs working at slightly different stages of a single process. Similar levels of function and states of consciousness exist within the subtle as well.

~**~ When we pronounce mantras, we initiate a powerful vibration that corresponds to both a specific level and a in seed form. Gradually, the vibration of the begins to override all of the lesser vibrations. These eventually become absorbed by the . After a length of time that varies from to , the great wave of stills all other vibrations whthin individual organs and systems. Ultimately, the individual will be in perfect harmony with the energy and spiritual state represented by and contained within the .

~**~ The practice of Sanskrit mantra increases the vitality and energy-utilizing ability of the chakras in our subtle body and the organs of our physical body. As we grow proficient in mantra meditation, new experiences may begin to present themselves to us. Some people may begin to see auras – the bands of colored light that surround each of us like a halo. Others may find that a mysterious energy is now available through the hands or feet. You may find that your intuition becomes much sharper.

~**~ Throughout our lives, the of prana courses through our biospiritual system. The chakras whirl, collecting and distributing energy, and the physical organs perform their functions with the energy at their disposal. Just as mantra cleanses and energizes the physical body, mantra repetition has a similar effect on the subtle body. Even speaking a mantra very softly influences the chakras that correspond to the nerve centers of the physical body. Just thinking a mantra – pronouncing it subvocally in your mind – can further the process of clearing away spiritual impurities, energizing the chakras, and burning off karma. ~**~ (Taken from – HEALING MANTRAS)

" OM NAMAH SHIVAYA " ~ A very powerful mantra to Lord


" Avalokiteshvaramandala "

Namaste ~