13 September 2011


Using Divine Currency, with Ascended and & St. Germain

St. Germain: I have been working hard with the energies of the planet to be in service to you in using Divine Currency. You might also call this, a “love-based economy.&; We would like to explain a little more what that means.

Hilarion: I want to transmit to you, a feeling which you experience in your chakra field. It takes a minute to “heat up,” but as I place my energies near your field, and your decides to accept the energies, the feeling will become stronger.

Some of you have money in your pocket, and some of you don’t right now. There are so many stories foating around about why this is so. Perhaps it is the job, kids, how you were raised, maybe you had a and needed to repair your vehicle, or have medical bills…and so on and on. I want to point to a truth beyond these storeis. They are habits.

You can all totally transcend this “money issue.” And this is what we want to talk about.

St. Germain with Hilarion: In ancient times, as you know, humans were hunter-gatherers. The earth gave you your and abundance. People shared what they received with the collective, out of a feeling of caring and duty.

Then things evolved so that trading was necessary and then, as you know, eventually the trade became a metal currency. And now, ti’s just numbers, thin air.

The key is, that the collective vibe around your history of trading and plenty, or lack, of necessary items – has caused you to be stuck in that . There are plenty of people who were born into their body, already knowing what Love Currency and Exchange is – more people than you realize.

The heart of the matter is this: when you are in the midset of “love and only love,” and the heart rules how you execute your exchanges, then love shines like the brightest sun on your offerings and love shines also on what you receive.

If you are at the supermarket and you buy your groceries with this heart currency active within you, you will be spreading light to the entire supermarket chain as well as all those around you, and your personal life as you eat the food you just received.

There is no difference between giving gratitude for what you received as it came out of as you harvest food from your garden, for example, and offering the same gratitude to the store where you buy your groceries. Then you can also give gratitude for the earth for providing it and sending it there.

If you unlock this gratitude inside of your souls, you will manifest all the abundance you need in this life and share that love energy with all those you meet. What a blessing and joy.

My gratitude is with you.