3 September 2011



Journey to Other Hologames

This is the awakening times.

This reality/hologame is only one of many you participate in. As starbeings your presence is simultaneously expanded to a of other realities and hologames, which are layered, woven, and nested within each other.

This example will offer some clarity. You are here, perhaps at your desk focused with us and this message. That is one facet of the hologame/reality that you embrace.
You could step out of the hologame, this , and travel to a friend's home and be in an entirely different hologame and . Or you could be in the shopping mall and again it would be a different and different matrix. Each time you take your presence to a different event or activity you are shifting the hologame. However in your consciousness it is just different aspects of your life here on earth.

Now expand this concept to the galactic arena. It is the same. One hologame and reality is your total life here on this planet, however there are certainly other realities and other planes of existence in which you are fully present, conscious and an active and vibration in that reality. All these realities are nested, woven, and layered, just like your current embodiment and current life here on earth.

The key is to your awareness of being at your desk, or being at your friend's house or being at the office or shopping mall. You hold all these activities and all these changes in events and activities as a part of your life.

Your galactic life is the same. You have multidimensional realities, activities, events and hologames in which you participate, and this reality here on earth is only one of those holograms. It feels a bit overwhelming to consider that you are active in a multitude of various realities and timeframes, all of which are happening at once.

Allow this idea to stretch your mental concept, play with this possibility especially when you have undisturbed time alone. Allow your consciousness and imagination to travel unrestricted and observe what images, feelings, thoughts and experiences occur. Leave your small judging and doubting mind in a safe place, and play freely like a child of the universe that you are. The galaxy is your total playground.

Practice consciously sending forth a pure frequency of joy, gratitude, and appreciation. These vibrations, these frequencies are your anchor, your ticket, your magic carpet, your protection and your wings in any reality or hologame. Safe, smooth and gentle travels!

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