5 September 2011


Each individual is confronted with their old third dimensional time beliefs as they move in consciousness to the other dimensions. Humanity has recorded time, history and past events with clocks, calendars, and all manner and methods of measure.
Imagine moving into a new frequency in which time as you have known it does not exist. Imagine an expanded in which what you thought and what you expressed was manifested instantly with no time lag. You would think about something and it would appear before you.

There are those among you who have expressed this concept in many ways. Your story by , Jonathan Livingston Seagull, says it very well; "To fly as fast as thought, to be anywhere there is, you must first begin by knowing that you have already arrived".

You are experiencing the inner conflict of your concepts of time and the realization that you are more than your physical body. You are an unlimited being of expansive . You can travel time, shift time, honor time, struggle time, collect time, try to hold on to time, or you can relax and embrace the energetic shift that is taking place within your consciousness and the consciousness of all sentient beings.

We are exposing one of your most sacred belief systems and we understand your resistance and your confusion.

We invite you to play with this thing called time. Pretend that you can stretch it, expand it, and mold it, to your day and your projects. You are learning to use your conscious mind to create. So, if you are feeling you will only create more . If you are feeling time restraints, you create a reality of not enough time.

Make time your friend. It is very elastic and very flexible. Play with it in a new way. Relax into your tasks. Breathe, Laugh, and Lighten Up.

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