30 August 2011

Channeler: Jonathan Martin

Tahinio Ra channeled by Jonathan Martin 27 August 2011.

Apocalyptic scenarios forecast in your past will not come to pass, we are certain of that now, we have never been more certain. A few tremors, a few vibrations may move through your sub continental structures as realigns herself with the new energies coming in as the shift moves into place. For we perceive now that there are some structures on your planet that may receive structural damage and some may even collapse, but the destruction forecast in the past will definitely not come into focus now in your new . For you have shifted greatly already, all beings of a similar resonance have shifted to a pattern of Mother Earth more in alignment with that you have labeled as “5th Dimensional Consciousness” now. For we perceive with our minds eye, infinite in perspective, that beautiful things are about to merge into the beauty of the infinite time space continuum window you perceive as the now, and the near future.

For tidings will come to pass in which you will see the unfoldment of new realities of magnificence and glory beyond your present imaginations capabilities, for this has never before occurred on your earth . And while in the distant past similar vibrational levels have been reached by similar beings, never in the way and on the scale of what is about to happen has this occurred before on your planet.

For the time frame window of existence we are perceiving now on your planet is the doorway into a new future, a new reality realization is unfolding before you now. For as the template grinds into place, the template that has been moving into before you for some time now, as it locks into it's final , in time for the shift; in your very near future doorways will begin to open giving you clear insight as to what it is you need to do, where it is you need to be, and how it is you need to act, to make the realization of who it is you came here to be and who it is you are going to be here to forth and in the new age of enlightenment on your planet.

For while unto now you have been struggling somewhat to find your given path in life, so to speak you have been fumbling around in the dark, from here onwards the dimmer switch will start to move around to the full brightness position. Lighting up ideas, messages, communications, information and sign posts, pointing you clearly in the direction you will need to move, it will become obvious as you say.

So for now continue to follow your excitement, your intuition, from a place of unconditional love, centred in your heart chakra, and this will start to turn the dimmer switch inside you up to full brighness mode. You will start to experience moments of clear, profound insight and inspiration, in your dreams and in your waking life that will click on like the proverbial lightbulb and you will wonder why you did not see this before. Memories will appear to you as if out of the blue, of past life experiences, agreements made in spirit prior to incarnating in this 3D earth reality you call the 'real world'. Memories of agreements made prior to this life will just appear before you like a drop of water glistening in the sunshine, waiting to be sucked up by you and used to propel you forth like a bullet from a gun at rates of acceleration here to forth unknown on your planet, explosions of synchronicity not seen for thousands of years on your planet will perform a beautiful orchestration of mass consciousness that will propel you forth into the golden age prophecised by many great people and civilisations in your past.

So we leave you with this now to ponder upon, to let it sink in and become part of your reality. For it is the knowing that it is going to happen that is going to make it happen! For you are your realities, you are the creators of this dream space you call reality, you are the infinite, you are the one, and as you are one, we are one, and we are co-creating this beautiful reality, this beautiful future vision between us. An orchestration of many beings of higher consciousness and also those beings below you such as your animals and plants, and even the rocks and the dirt itself. For this is the synchronous creation we are melding together. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever, Amen.

Shivai, Essasani, Tahinio Ra, signing out, Shivai!