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September 5, 2011

What a wonderful way to spend the day! Talking to all my beautiful children at any time gives me much and happiness.

Much has gone on since our last talk. How much you have all grown. Yes! Even though only a few days since I spoke through this child, your growth is noticeable. Just like a wee child having their height marked with a ruler and line, your light is shining brighter and brighter. Wonderful!

There is much to be happy about dear children. From all the hardships you have experienced, you have much to be happy about. You have a that is able to receive and give love. Everyone of you has the capacity to be compassionate and loving all unconditionally as I love all of you, ALWAYS. I do not love you because one day I am in a better mood than another day, no, I love you equally everyday.

Allowing the most thought to enter your body and spirit is where my focus is today. That purest thought is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Each of you has this inside of you. Finding it and using it is the key. A little digging and elbow grease may be required. Digging out all the unsavoury aspects of yourself, giving you the opportunity to change what you do not like. And seeing all the GOOD that lives inside of you. What a marvellous thing to find, as you have so much good inside of you. Any negative aspects you find, all has the chance to turn into a positive by having a light and loving attitude and a ‘want’ to change.

Every time you turn a negative area into a new positive way of being or thinking, you are able to grow and see more about yourself. How wonderful it is to learn new ways about YOURSELF. To learn to LOVE yourself unconditionally as you deserve this love. Oh yes, loving yourself unconditionally is a vital part of your enlightening journey. How else can you truly love another, regardless if they are family, a partner or anyone else if you do not love yourself at this depth. When you love at this pure level of the heart, you no longer have need to judge, to criticize or use any other ego filled thought way of being. Not that there ever was to begin with. When you adopt this loving way into your lifestyle, others around you will definitely notice the difference. But most of you, YOU will notice the difference. You will feel lighter no matter your body size as your spirit will always be soaring, you will feel overwhelmed with love emotions that cause bursts of ‘tears of joy’. This is not unusual for one that lives through their heart. To be overcome by emotion because they have so much to give. To feel those fluttery butterflies take you by surprise and tighten up your tummy. Sharing the love you have for yourself with others is a wonderful feeling.

You will attract others to you even only to sit next to you, as they somehow can feel your goodness. Every person on this beautiful planet deserves to be accepted, shown compassion, kindness and most of all loved. Some of you have been on this road to enlightenment for a long time and some are very new, no matter where you are on this journey, it is known its not all a bed of roses as there are some thorny parts that require removing. But the sweet smell of the rose remains even after the rose has had its thorns removed. That means after you remove the past events that have caused you pain and grief, what remains is you, not a weaker you, but YOU. But you have changed, you don’t have the thorns, the pain. You transformed from that pain to light. Others will see this and notice how much lighter you look in your face and your mannerisms.

I encourage all of you to continue as you are all progressing wonderfully. Ask questions, seek answers, learn as often and as much as you can. Never limit yourself if you can help it. You will know what it is to move on to next. Let your heart guide you, and TRUST in that guidance.

I am now ready to take my leave. Today’s was just a short on encouragement to all my beautiful children. My blessing of Unconditional Divine Love and Light is included with this as always. My light and my love is already wrapping around your shoulders, loving you softly and very gently, like a slight breeze that you might miss it if you didn’t notice it was there.

The Creator

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