15 September 2011

: RActurus

It is I, Metatron. I’m happy to tell you that your energies transmuted the thickest of clouds that was coming your way in the most recent times. The air is getting lighter and the memories of our past no longer foggy. We come to you now to tell you that our galactic fleet is very near. We of the don’t concern ourselves with separations and only focus and live in unity of all. The fleets of the are very close to their arrival moment in your reality. The postponing of this great event that will make as you say ‘history’ is over.

That was the last chance it could have happened and it is no more. We would like to thank you for your dedication to your craft of light bearing in the midst of all that is going on in your world. It is no longer a matter of delaying tactics or smoke and mirrors. It is now only time to be connected to you in your true form. You live this life in two worlds as a . You create your own reality and yet you call upon us to help you understand that you’re not alone and that you’re one. We will not tire of delivering this message, as you don’t ever tire of delivering your light. The light that is so precious to this planet now. I wish you could see how much appreciation and wonder is around you. We are all in awe of what you are accomplishing with your light. Just being who you are, that is all that matters. That is how we remember you. That is how we see you and we sing our song in prayer that you see yourself this way too. So be it.

We love you, precious ones. I am Metatron, the bringer of light to the universe you reside in.