A from Mira from the ,

September 14, 2011, through

Greetings, I am Mira. I speak to you today from the High . We are here to provide you steady guidance and to assist you and the at this time. We are always at your call. We hear you loudly these days. We know what is occurring in your lives. We ask you to be patient as we make way to brighten your skies.

You are in the unwinding process. This occurs when a planet makes its . The spiraling time lines of the way you have existed pull apart, are recorded in history and are erased from your current experiences. This can be unraveling because what is known and familiar as signposts are missing. Even if some things look the same please understand they are not. Vibrationally they are different and so are you. Frequencies and vibrations are being elevated as a part of the process. You must raise your vibrations in order to take in the expanded Light that is coming to you. It is transfiguring. It is transforming and necessary. This is why you may be feeling strange or others are acting strangely around you. There is resistance to these new energies. I recommend you breathe them in and find delight in the beauty and grace of feeling the new.

As Lightworkers you are the most sensitive and responsive beings on the planet. The Earth relies on you as she shifts and receives the abundance of new energies and Light. She is moving forward with her changes which also helps to accommodate the variations in consciousness that happen with the new frequencies. It is an awakening of great proportion.

The Earth is the most diverse planet. This makes the ascension process complex. The are compounded with various religious beliefs, cultures and ways of living. Some of humanity is connected to the Earth and others are quite separate. I will guarantee you that when these changes are over, all will have a new respect and deeper connection to your Earth Mother.
Your space family admires and adores the Earth. This is true of those of you who work for the Light. We relish the time when every one of you respects each other along with the Earth. We anticipate a reunion with our Earthly family. We will have many experiences of exchange and expansion as we will learn from you and you from us. Getting acquainted again will be a learning period. We are already on the Earth. This includes those from other as we each take our role in the complex ascension process in which you now find yourselves.

We are making our presence known more in your skies. This is becoming obvious and is even being reported in your media. It is only a matter of time before the truth of our presence will be announced. Be prepared for surprises. Hold steady on your path. May Light and love be your way as we proceed with all that we have to do on our mutual journeys.

I am Mira from the Pleadian High Council. I love you.