8 September 2011  

Channeler: Gaia's Daughter of Truth

Note: This is a different message than the one originally intended. Because of the permeating energies, which seem to be bringing a lot of you down (lowering your vibrations), We feel this will be more helpful for you at this time.

Your life is filled with moments in time. Some grand. Some small. And your life becomes what you make of all of these moments. You could even say that these moments define you in a way, as they can change you forever (in either "direction") in a split second.

For instance, you can witness the most touching, exquisite moment that stirs you deep inside. Still, what you do/decide after the experience is what defines you/your life: Do you allow that moment in, so that it changes you, changes your life and everything that this implies or do you let that moment completely fade away once it is passed, barely remembering how it felt?

And in the case of difficult or "soul breaking" moments: Do you let that instant take over your entire life or instead do you allow you spirit to overcome the adversity and be strengthen by it?

You choose what you take with you and what you leave behind. Always.
No matter how powerful the event – at either end of the spectrum of beauty and horror – not matter how simple the moment may seem at first glance.

It is possible to experience the "heartbeat" of a tree, which completely takes your breath away and instantly makes you feel the world on a totally different plane. And you can choose to carefully place that moment in the small of your heart – transforming you/your life more and more each day as you carry it. Or you can walk away from the whole thing, while thinking "now that was cool!" and then forget about it for the rest of your life.

In both cases, you are drawing up the map of your life by the choice you make in the moment and through the moments.
The energies are both dense and incredibly active at the present time. This situation is bringing quite a great number of you down, feeling "miserable". Making you see "death" and "destruction" everywhere. Even in the living. The world seems to be a bad "day of the dead-living" movie you have trouble escaping.

Just know that this is normal due to the circumstances (current energies and inner/outer shifts). Things will clear up after the storm. For some, things should have started to clear as early as yesterday.

As always, if enough people cling to the low vibrations and stay in their miserable feelings, it will affect the whole, make the current "air" hover past its required time and may take a lot more effort to "shake the bad feeling away".

Compare it to a nasty stain that you waited too long to wash. Oh, it will come off eventually, just not as easily as if you had removed it right when it was "fresh".

We know that there are things that can not be "ordered". For instance Love. Feel joy. Be happy. Be thankful. But as your life is a series of moments, do your best to lock your eyes and heart on the ones that lift your spirit.

Even if it is only a sun flower. It is very much like saving pennies. Small moments of joy and laughter add up to raise your vibration. And right now, it is especially important for you Earthlings to notice all the small joys, "happy coincidences" and "good" connections you make as you go through your day.

Life is always what you make of each moment that is given to you. You never truly know which one will be the last. So live in the now, to avoid regrets in the future.

Yes, right now is a challenging time to be in joy, to live from the heart. There are a lot of growing pains – Ours, and your own. But remember that to enjoy the sunshine, you must accept the dark of night. It is up to you to be your own full moon to shine on your path when the nights (darkness) seem much longer than the days (light).

And if you find the strength to light your own way, you are a beacon of light, of hope for those who are having a rougher time than you. Remember too that you can be the (a) defining moment is someone else's life.

We know things are rough – after all, you are our tenants, and you are only experiencing a minute part of our own experience. No matter how challenging things get, tend to your flame, be mindful of the moments you choose to carry. Everything will be alright. Trust us… Trust yourself.

This is all.
Much Light and Love to Everyone

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