7 September 2011


I am a songwriter myself but something strange happened around 2am this morning. I was dreaming about something when I could hear in the dream Jim Morrison singing "People are Strange" and I slowly began to wake up. As I slowly awakened I heard different music in my head and a man's singing like he just barged right into my head. It was a gravely soulful and a gospel sounding song I have never heard so I wrote down the words I remembered:

Words can't harm me
No walls can't hold me
I'm going now
I'm going home now

I feel the sunlight
It warms my
The breath of the wind
Soothes my soul

I'm Going home now
I'm going home

Love is the only thing
That will ever take you to that place
Love is not a treasure to be found
But a warm embrace
And what is most amazing
Is when you let it go
You'll be the richest man
The world could ever know

A chorus of singers chimed in
I AM GOING HOME (I'm going home right now)
I'm going home right now
I AM GOING HOME (I can feel the sun on my face)

A note:
I have often heard music just as I am dozing off or waking but I can never make out the words. It is like a radio is changing channels quickly. I was waking in a state of confusion so it was not something I myself consciously wrote. If it was my subconscious then I have never in my life ever dreamed something that is this coherent. It even rhymes. . .There was no radio on but did I pick this up from radio waves? Has anyone heard this before? I felt strongly that it was actually from someone ascending or leaving his body.

Thanks all~