2 September 2011

: DL Zeta

During recent times, Earth changes have triggered energetic shifts. Astrological influences have brought tidal waves of chaos and change to our door. At times, we find ourselves struggling to adapt to energetic shifts and unprecedented weather events. Listening to guidance will alert you to times when you need to prepare for such events. Your guidance will also make you aware when seasonal changes require alterations in planting and harvest schedules.

In some cases, you may need to consider relocating to a new area altogether. Your astrology chart offers a blueprint of your intention for this lifetime. By examining your chart in terms of “relocation astrology” or “astrocartography,” you will know the locations that serve your highest purpose at any given time. Remaining flexible, aware and centered in the present moment, combined with asking for and opening to receive guidance, will allow you to navigate the Earth changes that will occur as the unfolds. Awareness and a willingness to act on guidance will always bring you into the highest and best circumstances with perfect timing.

Chaos in Your Personal Life

Quantum changes are rarely experienced at the spiritual level without creating ripples in your physical reality. Chaos in your personal life may be experienced in the area of career focus, relationships and changes in personality and preferences. You may feel you have lost yourself as you experience days when old circumstances fall away. Relationships may end; you may find yourself relocating or generally, no longer drawn to the way things have been. You may find yourself adopting new dietary and health practices. You may experience heightened sensitivity and awareness; you may notice things you have not noticed before. You may undergo shifts in consciousness where you move through days of spiritual awakening. During these times, you may experience peak states of consciousness.

You may feel drawn to write, , walk in the woods, go on vision quests, or depart from routines in other ways. You may feel drawn to clean out your house and give away things you no longer use. This can be a challenging time when those around you are puzzled by your actions and possibly even feel threatened by this new "you."

This is where you will need to practice a great deal of trust and patience. You will need constant, telepathic connection with your spiritual guidance so you can "ask" about events and circumstances as they unfold in your life. You will need to work with feeling states so you can hold everything that comes before you in consciousness and discern its rightness.

Challenge and hardship will be experienced to the degree you're in resistance to these changes. For example, a person might receive guidance that it’s time to move to a new career focus that’s more aligned with the next step of their spiritual path. Nothing is lost in such a scenario. Everything you undertake throughout your life is preparing you and grooming you to fulfill your purpose. Difficulties arise when you become over-identified and over-attached to any step along the way. Each level, each step, regardless of where you are on your spiritual path, is meant to be experienced, understood and released.

Allowing yourself to step into the chaos of the unknown in terms of your daily life may be one of the most challenging steps of all. When faced with the potential loss of a career, relationship or other dearly-held circumstance, you may feel shaken at the core of your being. At such times, you have the opportunity to step into new levels of understanding and experience by trusting in your guidance and believing in yourself.

Navigating Uncertain Times through Identity Shifts

During times of chaos, you may find yourself shifting to a new identity. This new identity is created to help you navigate the new times unfolding. You may experience confusion as this new "you" guides you to new and different realities. It may seem at times that you no longer know yourself. You may feel this new "you" is out of sync with people and situations in your life. It can be upsetting to see careers and relationships fall away as your new identity self chooses other timelines and areas of focus.

As you move through identity shifts, others around you may be puzzled and even threatened by your actions. Stand strong in your love for those in your life while at the same time standing strong in your spiritual vision. As you believe in your vision and purpose, you become an example others can follow. Refrain from criticizing those who don't share your vision. Bless them and hold them in the highest esteem.

There have been many times in your journey when you failed to understand the path and vision of others. This is an opportunity for you to understand the opposite perspective. As long as you hold one thread of doubt about your path, others will show up in your life to reflect your own doubts to you. When this happens, silently thank them and bless them for helping you recognize that you can move into new levels of strength and certainty in the visions you receive from your higher self.

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