This is a bit old, but still contemporary



28 August 2011



The new for august 28th is in Virgo as we show you the platform of birth for the next two weeks we will also show you how the last full moons endings have led to these new seeds being planted as the new is all about planting new seeds and watching divine beauty manifest before our eyes.

The wolf spirit is calling us to gaze at and look upon all brought to surface we may fear or takes us out of our comfort zone this new moon and live as the wolf, gazing into its opponent ,this case it being the fear, and to look upon it fearlessly for inner freedom and deep release.

For gazing into the eyes of the wolf is too live fearlessly in divine courage and inner confidence and true divine strength to overcome any obstacle put forth and overcome it in its wake. That is the way of the wolf. For breaking the chain and piercing the illusional veil is the way of the wolf and going forth whence the great wind thou forth yonder.

Our subconscious is clear again after the rumbling upbringings of the last two week cycle. We have chosen to face fears of old ways past that bubbled up and led us to new insights and a deeper inner peace and pushed us closer to the of the earth in oneness of mother earths beating like a drum as one in ours, she has touched us and worked through us as the divine conduits of the great spirit we are and led us here.

The great spirit has led us to connect deeper with mother earth and showed us that the heart can not be set forth until it is understood, meaning once we have put to rest the past to rest, it can no longer play an illusion in our now. so for that this new moon Virgo is asking us to nurture our heart and what insights we have come to about what it is truly in our hearts, and whom and where we feel we truly need to be.

We are being called to follow the heartbeat of the earth ,for that heartbeat is the gateway home.

Virgo has us looking at our true priorities to the earth and to self and each other in a wheel of life unison. As well things work and come in steps . As the last full moon brought to the surface trust and how we feel in our hearts . If you yourself had faced a subconscious awakening to trust issues felt ,they are now clear and where you have worked out trust problems in relationships or just with others in general will now pave the way for deeper connections and no holding back.

As we come to insights and resolves about all that has been given regarding the last full moon it has led us to a place in our hearts of ability to finally live as if we were the great spirit ourselves . Living as if we have never been hurt, or injured. Living in the truest wisdom we are. Living for today like tomorrow is our last . loving all and everything you are and everything that is. letting live love, and the rest fall away to fearlessness from where fear once lived.

Both sun and moon are in Virgo working as a team letting work awareness and clarity and seeing beyond the illusion it was we were living and dramatizing. They are working as our wellness and serving as the for our healing and service to others this new moon. Virgo has brought to the surface as well areas where we are impatient and is calling to us to work those areas for more patience as the most divine things are worth waiting for.

But this can also be a twist when working with others, ones impatience may also shed a light of awareness where another is being selfish. This will give insight into where they really need to look at sharing their space and given the energy of deeper heart openings, as Virgo is all about avoiding big crowds and quite introverted. The sun is beaming energy that is shining the more conservative side of Virgo for balance and asking us to balance our space, our patience between time for ourselves and service work and those we love and adore whether they be friends or partners.

So for the next two weeks service work will focus on areas other beings are having impatience with and it is our duty to guide them in ways they can have that peace. But is fully up to them to work that which is insight shared and shown to heal their path. We can serve as messengers, but we are not able to work the work for them. So if things don't fit or you feel like you are being taken out of a comfort zone its because Virgo is calling us to yield to the energy of inner growth and be more deeply aware of where it is you are showing impatience and selfishness with ego and living deeper in the ancient way of the heart.

is the planet of healing and calling us in Pisces to with opposition to the new moon mend areas of discomfort ,which is only found once a cognitive release is given to those areas giving the discomfort when going upon changing and transcending our comfort zones. Sensitivity is widely spread at this time so this aspect is asking you to be sympathetic to another's sensitivities not insensitive if may be your way. That insensitive reaction is being called to be transmuted and transcended with your super consciousness as the conduit for change from the divine receptor.

Virgo is also calling us to look at where our emotional regulation is concerned and giving us new insights of ways to channel our emotions into passionate creative work. The recent insights of where we had trust questions have put some at ease and others in a raging anger of misery. The emotion regulation comes when you are open minded as Virgo is quite close minded at times and this why the feeling of resistance is at hand. But emotion channeled wisely and with the guidance of great spirit through your super consciousness can only relieve the turmoil and these will come to you as you witness the spirit giving insights for you to download as you discern them.

The questions to ask are as simple as, where have we been in this root? Where are we now in the root? Where do we want this root to go?

As given the energy we are moving into a deeper "we" away from the 'I" and cleansing deeper its old ways of thinking and transmuting its old ways and transcending them.

We are at a "grand trine'. the earth signs of Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus will be giving an energy vibe this new moon of a new feeling of fearlessness once any blocks giving fear are cleared. After coming so far in recent months and with each step taken to cleanse the ego and clear out heart blockages this is where we are now being called. We are being guided this for our being of wellness and to do in service with others .

Venus is working with Pluto in Capricorn to bring change to old way of the heart and awake deeper unconditional love. Those areas focused are ones where patience lacks and getting us out of the thought" I need my space".

The call to transmute is being sent . Are you receiving it? The old selfishness ways are being called to be opened to sharing your space .while that means with others, that also means a focus on cognitively breaking yourself of ways that isolate your
being ,where agoraphobic concerns sit, and also where you feel the least comfort. You are being called to make comfort what once felt uncomfortable.

Capricorn is stiff and cold and unwillingly stubborn. So those under this sign are feeling the deepest stress at this time. But it is only stress because of the resistance put up to change. This is the call to order for all living in this manner. The energy of this grand trine while at times feeling like inner torment at best, is a lower key energy to great inner movements forward.

With a slow cognitive exposure to that which we feel takes us out of our comfort zone we then gain a gradual tolerance to it and in time no longer is even a worry or issue upon our being. As with slow cognitive exposure we gain resistance to it while at the same time ability to live in ways we never felt possible and let things in our lives we never felt we could. It is then entering a new comfort zone. With deeper love for self and others . After all sharing is what this new moon is all about. Sharing and healing with our being via source and with others as a through the great source.

As Capricorn is cold and stoic so is Capricorn unconditionally loving . Its about seeing both sides of things and balancing the two for a divine working of unison between them.

Venus is teaming up with little Capricorn to shed light of love retrograde and as well jupiter in Taurus is retrograde and shedding a slow light of hope . This energy is giving a vast call to in a volcanic eruption of super and asking us to channel deep desire to spiritual works for the best outcome .this also means that connections in partnerships at this time have a deep of fantasy where the emotional string is concerned and giving us a stronger call to the dream world.

It is great to dream, but the key here is to see past the fantasy and perhaps see a loved as they are ,not what you wish them to be. As With the retrograde any new relationships began at this time will have a dream like quality to them and so this is not a good time to start something new. As with the energy of Capricorn ,anything began now will face many obstacles and only if both parties concerned are willing to find a compromise will it work. If you are at odds, it is best to take a time out now and re-evaluate this at a later linear time frame.

This is also an energy where we can connect deeply with friends and offer our light service as those open hearted and open minded friends are now looking for reassurance and as empaths our job is to offer that insight where it is felt and given only in honesty. So this energy is deeply moving for those deeply open and great strides forward are made at this time.

Expansion of oneness with the stream of consciousness is felt in all its scintillating bio-phononic phenomenon at this time. when this connection is felt with those you service and those advised as friends. The same is felt if you are on the other end of the fence. This energy only deepens friendships and connections and works out the kinks you could say where they sit with those with whom you connect and brings them to the surface totally visible and waiting for your service and the other party involved to work through them together. After all life is all about new experiences together as one.

So in its essence this new moon grand trine is calling those sitting back thinking things will work out themselves to get off the and take steps forward to be proactive instead of passive of matters that come to awareness now.

Mercury has gone direct in Leo and again exuberating upon us for movement forward in areas of communication and heart expansion and wisdom expansion as we open deeper in our connection to the stream of consciousness. So if we are losing our minds is probably for the best because as we lose old ways of thinking we awake the old ancient true way of thinking in truest purest awareness of source.

Our ying and yang within are being called to order to work through the exposures Virgo has given this new moon to feel deeper inner harmony and less emotional discord. Witnessing this unison of masculine wisdom transcend our emotions in emotional regulation is inspiring this new moon as we go to deeper depths of the heart and cleanse the ego of its old ways of thinking and transcend with our oneness stream of consciosness witnessing a unison of balance.

We are being called to move out of our comfort zone and when we go with where we are called to without resistance we witness manifestation of source all around us in symbolic meanings that resonate as meanings are around us each day as we walk the physical earth plain and come to us in our meditations and through discernment downloads. We have all the tools we need to go forth, needing not any material tool. This is being communicated to us this new moon and area of mercury Leo aspect.

So if you wish to build on your own canvas of being or even wipe the slate clean and begin from a blank canvas now is the time . You are a work of divine art and so is all, as all is one. Now is the time as Virgo energy is the time now to do what is being called to face and what work needs to be done for your being and your connection with the stream of consciousness so you can then use that connection in your service with others and for your own dharma via the line of infinite purpose or hera line.

All works in a unison ,as we take care of our own being and wellness we begin wheel of cycle that helps us work for others, young ,elder and alike, children and our families, in all areas of our life and connections. So keep in the mind the time spent working on your being is not selfish for it has many overtures and will open a wheel to spin at all ends of life and levels of consciousness upping your vibration, those around you and the multiverse itself.

Virgo nurtures itself and now is the time to begin with planting seeds of nurturing for you in areas called forth too so that those overtures can work in the wheel of life for you and around you and with you and without discrimination any one vestige
that arises or area. Working with loving hearted openness and being open to seeing where the divine source is taking you.

Mercury also gives us the ability to handle the small things that do arise and separate components that gives us resistance or that futile feeling and look with pure awareness in witness of where things are not balancing and give balance in a logical manner for self improvements and life improvements.

Given Virgo is stubborn and likes not change and lives mainly by the environment they are in ,if your environment seems chaotic you may want to ask why?. If a change of place is calling now is the time heed the call and go forth and see what changes can manifest. As the energy we live in in general makes a large influence of our overall spiritual health. It can not be healthy to be in a vibration for too long for any period of long time. As it can either pull you down from where you are if it be in a peaceful place or if in a lower place only drag you down more.

But again we have free will and only if you are letting things get to you will that energy have an effect. If you are not strongly influenced by a lower energy it will not have much effect upon you and you simply go on your merry way after working with it.

But for some it is not so easy, and therefore the re-location is probably a good idea. The reason the feeling of lower energy can get to you is because it simply has not yet felt natural to view all lower energies as keys to deeper divine frequency and there is nothing wrong with that. It takes divine time to feel again what true nature of being lives like and feels like.

This new moon is also at odds with its own forces of energy . Where sun and moon and Pluto in Capricorn compliment each other in a triangle with Jupiter planet of hope and Pluto ,planet of clearing out the old are all working together, we then have a sesquiquadrate to Neptune and mars in cancer squaring Neptune.

This aspect makes some of us feel weak at times and more susceptible to lower energy influence and unable to give something our all. While at the same time the influence of the triangle gives a bolstering effect

In personal courage giving us the mind set we can do anything and anything is possible. As so it is. And if you feel like your losing it at times and having mood swings and mind shifts at a rapid pace at this time and in disconnection at times and connection this is why. This aspect will soon pass.

So its best to work with what it comes up with to witness a balance in its energy.

There is a yod configuration with mercury to Virgo to both Pluto and Uranus in Aries .it may have us feeling we don't know what we want at this time or what to focus on as top priority and what path to follow. The answer is to follow the road less traveled and let the divine guide you or your spirit guides, at this time. And for where they call you to go, it be at your choice whence you go yonder.

If old ways are no longer working for you its best to make a like a tree and leave and see the whole world just waiting for you to embrace it ,as choices are endless, so is the amount of joy you can have in living . This yod is calling to do what you
have been putting off for too long and tying up lose ends. As Virgo is putting everything out into the open we can work this in unison with the yod and see the full exposure of what is needs to be done and where. A sense of inner freedom is felt when we gaze into the eyes of wolf that which plagues us and then is faced fearlessly knowing it was only you ,you had to face. The rest is mundane.

Each reaction to a given stimulus is of our own free choice and so is its healing reaction and method. As the alchemist says, the only fear we face is fear itself, and with fear faced we live fearlessly in all oneness that is all.

So it is now that is the time to transcend and go to deeper depths of the heart, and cleanse the old and get to work doing so, it is only then we can live as if we were never hurt, leaving all past behind once healed and living in all as one fearlessly and free. For now is all we have, the past is gone, and we have a future not yet written . It is only written by the choices we have now and make now. We decide where we wish to go, where is your heart telling you to go through source?

The divine heartbeats one with the earth like a drum. Listen to it beat, look around you and see with the eyes of the wolf, for in the wolfs eyes sit the truth just waiting for you to see it through source and feel and discern through that heartbeat where you are being called to be. For all is one and that heartbeat is the drum of eternal summers call home.

By Quantum Goddess Of Light