26 September 2011


New Moon Sept 27 Scope -Divine Balance Of flowing Oneness


We are back to complete new beginnings. The past couple weeks have been all about encompassing and applying into action our new comfort zone. While in all connections this new comfort zone being that of ancient ways of the heart in unconditional love for all. Venus ruler of Libra has a divine balance in the cards for us as we give birth to the next two weeks. The theme here also is letting the chaos give divine order to itself in loving guidance. For without chaos order could not be made. the libra love flows as a waterfall, bask in the unconditional love being made available to you.

That ancient way was true openness. For some this came easy, for others it is yet to be seen. Those who dual away from their true nature and defy the guidance of the true oneness stream of consciousness due so only because they are at this time afraid to face their true hearts. Inside this love is so deep and strong and yet overwhelming.

Those of us who have stepped forth through the fire to look with the eyes of the wolf and live as we have never been hurt and love as if we have never been hurt have again been anchored in divine peace as we have taken our lessons and been lifted once more in photonic frequency emanating the bio-phononic phenomena only such lessons can and experience can manifest.

And for those this new moon in libra which is all about now feeling the harmony after once again living through the fires of lower abyss we come again to see those fires are forever more the keys to deeper ascension and further opening of the sacred heart also called hrit padma. We now live true openess and practice it equally for all.

It has taught us the lesson do we simply dismiss someone because we wish not to talk to them because they take us out of our comfort zone? The answer is no. do we give up because the one we love is in love with another? The answer is no. do we give up on another when they have turned their back on us? The answer is no. the key theme at work has been in all connections have openess. For that itself is respect, benevolence and unconditional love. Loving all without rejection.

alot claim to be this way yet act indifferent. God did not once reject anyone. We live as conduits to the divine receptor and we are the conduits of that unconditional love. We are all one equal. So if you have come through your lessons this new moon should be but a divine breathe of fresh air after all the lower energy chaos to make order of and wasn’t it fun? The feels so. We have lifted to a deeper place as we widen our hearts and we extend our ability to discern . That which was once a slight festering in your discernment talking now screams . It may feel as though now peoples emotions are screaming at you.

This is what happens when you further open the sacred heart and love despite not being loved in return for example by one you wish so did . It also not expecting anything in return and being the light you were born to be on earth and in all dimensions and being open to sharing that light with no matter whom it may be. No matter how lost or dangerous they may be. We remain open and loving and willing to share our light of guidance and love.

All the unexpected changes have been awoken and brought to our light as to where we should be and what our duty is. This we can not ignore. If you have not now is the time to act. If you have acted upon and taken upon yourself to work with all things recently brought to your attention regarding your actions you will feel at the core the omnipotent spark of all the joy libra now has with unexpected new doors opening before our eyes.

The themed lesson we had to learn from the energy as well is that we must also balance our light work with our normal daily lives as we are multi dimensional beings and at times recently the light work may have felt overwhelming but the key here to remember is that we are not given any we can not handle.

So now with all connections we can enjoy the peace from what we have been taught to balance this new moon and that being most focused on our daily job where perhaps we were making errors and the lessons taught us to only want to bring out our best and also our light work.

with a sun also in libra we have a cosmic wave of photonic balance at our finger tips, use it wisely and balance all imbalances you feel in your life at this time. Again those key areas being daily job, light work ,and connections with others on all levels from friendship to partner.

Mars in leo coming soon will make a sqaure to Jupiter in taurus retrograde which means the energy will be slow moving and the planets influence somewhat takes a backwards feel. This may bring feelings of frustration but should any frustration occur here do try best to keep grounded in areas concerned by this .your may drop during this time and those very sensitive could feel this already now, do get plenty of rest and try not to over extend yourself or make choices you can’t live up to.

Relationships need communication at this point as all partnerships cannot survive without communication .so if under this energy there is something you wish to communicate to a partner now is the time.

New manifestations of partnerships are favored under this energy given they may have some slowness to start given mars slowness.

Mercury in libra will surely set them in the right balance.

The sun and moon have aligned for us to set balance in our inner and outer lives.

A gathering of venus ,mercury, Saturn, sun and moon in libra all send the energy, lessons now at this time find balance within and out and all around us. Much divine balance at work. How beautiful. Taking responsibility for past choices now has is deepest movement for your being in forward motion and opening new divine doors with new starts.

We can unleash stuck energies where we felt like we had been at stalemates and break free from the chrysalis. We can now transmute deeper than ever before and transcend.

The t -square between the new moon and Pluto and Uranus has the unexpected volatile energy continuing around us as these past few weeks have been very up and down, but these are also the deepest times for healing with what does suddenly “come out into the open”.
In other words what is being brought to light here is a very large lesson and change that has to be made or root that needs transmuting through the transpersonal state and therefore should not be ignored but worked on immediately. And we then see that chaos is not bad but only divine order calling us to balance inner and outer and act in true divine form.

Emotional moments are bound to occur and it’s okay to cry and then we see a waterfall of healing before us. This is the way home. Eternal summers call would have it no other way. For this is sources unconditional love only wanting the best for us and clearing out the old to make way for the divine. Direct openess and willingness to complete the task for which wherever you are called is the action taken here without fear.

We have learned through recent cycles that things simply come and go as that is how the physical plain is.

Nothing is absolute and superficial connections will be seen and or are calling you to see them where they sit and bid farewell to make way for divine connections. Where you no longer “click” and where all work has been done and nothing is changing it is time to let go. Knowing that it is the universe calling you elsewhere and now is the time to follow.

Saturn is opposing black moon and present trine to south node forcing us back into engrams of the past and truamas where we were treated unfairly and now calling to transmute those roots and transcend knowing we were not to blame and that we are all equal beings. It is taking your courage and power back from the abuser and claiming survivor once doing so. For if you are still here well then you are a survivor .its time to live and stop placing blame and find forgiveness and go forward.

PhotobucketThe energy of this new moon will hold an energy as well where no matter what you say or do another’s opinion will not be changed so its best to go forward and not let another’s judgment get to you. For you know who you are and you know your own truth and that’s all that matters . So do not waste energy trying to change another’s opinion now or ever.

Mars in leo is quincunx to Pluto this has concerns for the ego for when your ideas or opinions will be denounced . So you may hit an ego blow here, but this is only calling for deeper ego cleansing and balance through the transpersonal state .so fear not anything brought up here is simply saying “hi, this ego vestige needs to be addressed”. so do so and the cleansing will further balance and integrate your true multi dimensional nature.

It is forever said that the one who had humility had to suffer a blow to pride.

So this new moon do take forth all the harmony that can be felt in bio-photonic bliss and emanate the omnipotent rainbow glow you are.
For we are all one unconditional loving rainbow of phontonic scintillation. for eternally the waterfall of divine balance flows,flow with all as one omnipotent waterfall.

By Quantum Goddess Of Light