22 September 2011

Channeler: Gaia's Daughter of

and anger seem to be fairly high these days. Not necessarily in you (most likely not) but in many around you. The thing is, you can use the behind these "negative" emotions for higher or "" purposes. All that is needed, is a shift in perception… and a bit of background information.

You see, man-made things are being forced to change, like ways of conducting business, of making profits, of managing money, even how to be productive, effective and efficient. And they are changing because of need and not because of want. That brings in very volatile energies, like sparks, ready to ignite everything it comes into contact. The most frequent energies in these circumstances are fear and anger.

It is one thing to consciously ignite the inner flame of the self, which often triggers many transformations in all aspect of your life: personal and professional, your routine (schedule; what you choose to do in your free time; eating, exercise, and meditation habits…); your perceptions, priorities, visions, your relationships (with yourself and others). And even if you were not necessarily expecting the that often occur, you are the one who struck the match.

It is quite another when it is ignited because "you" were careless or lacked forethought and stood too close to an unpredictable volcano.

For often changes triggered due to or need tend to be fear-based and not that rational… and tend to be rushed, which can lead to anger if people question the fact that new things being brought in are missing key elements to be successful or productive.

In a way, these changes or manifestations go directly from head to the concrete world without having a chance to spend some time in the heart or the invisible realm where things settle and get organized by themselves. Anything non useful or not serving the purpose sink to the bottom while all the "good" stuff floats to the surface. And then what to do next becomes crystal clear because only the essential or the productive remains.

In these instances of change induced by lack or need, there is often quite a lot of insecurity related to the change being brought forward, for the reasons We have just explained: some steps got skipped. And that insecurity manifests itself mostly through fear or anger.

You want to make sure that these emotions stay as far away from you/your light body as possible, as they tend to be quite insidious.

More than that, by only sensing from afar – knowing the emotions are there, but not feeling their toxic effects – you can use the energy behind the feelings are fuel for productive purposes.

This is a bit tricky to explain. These highly contagious energies, such as anger and fear are quick moving, highly explosive energies which spreads or moves faster than anything else. Still, the energy contained in these emotions can touch your bubble without entering it and give you a jolt of passion, energy or drive you can use towards something that is meaningful or essential for you.

All energy is neutral, no matter where it comes from, but the intensity and speed of transmission varies.

You can literally use/funnel all energy to your advantage when awareness (consciousness) and intent are present.

It is very easy for you to do this for "positive" feelings or emotions – like love, joy, bliss. You do it automatically without thinking because the of the emotions matches its high vibration.

When love is present, for instance, you can literally move mountains and live on few hours of sleep or very little food because the energy and the vibration of the emotions constantly renew you.

For some reason, in instances when "negative" energy are present, the slower, lower vibrations tend to drag you down or put you in a less than ideal state.

As We have said before, you have the to turn the dial up or down based on your need (Mind your vibrations). You can lock on the energy of the emotion, stock up on it without getting trapped in the vibratory mode of the emotion.

It is quite simple really as an experience. However, as a concept, it does require a perception shift.

The is nodding her head. You see, she experienced this and it makes complete sense to her.

In a nutshell she was put in a situation today where fear and anger was vaster than the room she was in. While this was not the first time she lived this kind of experience, her perceptions – both what she perceived and how she interpreted them were different than before.

You see, in addition to sensing the low vibrations of the emotions, she also picked up on the high power energy (fuel potential) that was present.

She simply wondered if there was a way to channel, to tap into the fuel while holding on to her vibrational level. And then it donned on her: "I just have to will it, like turning on a switch! Take the energy of the emotion, and leave the emotion where it is."

And so it was! She felt a surge of energy, like a second power system kicking in, and she giggled and skipped around like a child. "Oh man, this is so friggin' cool!" (she is a little embarrassed now, for if she had known it would end up here, she would have willed herself to make more clever or "enlightened" thoughts to pop into her head).

In so many ways, the life of the Messenger is exactly the same, yet everything is different. It always is so when you break free of the moulds of reality as it is shaped by society, religion, companies and all other man-made institutions.

Perception truly is everything… The key is to break down the walls of imposed, limiting perceptions that were built by someone/something else to serve their purpose.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone

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