11 September 2011

: El


Once more, from The Star Cluster, my name is Ja-Shahn, and it is with joy, and the most humblest, sincerest, and grateful respect, and admiration, that I am able to participate in this experience with you, in this way, and at this time. Thank you, dearest life forms, for allowing all of us, this beautiful opportunity.

If you would permit me, to communicate humbly, on some of your subjects, and on various philosophies present on your home station, I would be most grateful to do so.

One of the discussions that was had by myself, Tarlasha, and Sorrana, consisted of possibly implementing a new layer of energetic construction over top the current layer that exists here on earth. A layer, in a less dense part right above your current awareness, which would allow those whom chose, to move more easily into the being prepared for you, but we would like your input on such a change, as we are here only to assist you in this process, never to interfere.

We have not quite moved into your Solar System yet, and we do not have plans at this time to do so, but we are in contact with you, and will continue to monitor, and guide your process. We send out what are called "pulses", that are frequency ranges that can be picked up if you are attuned to them, very much like encoded messages. And these vibrational "pulses", help to unlock certain frequency ranges in your life-source energized on earth in the 3 dimensional convex, bilateral, duality, plane.

A model of comparison, to decide where you are in the progress of your conscious direction toward The Universal Love, is to examine your thoughts about self, the way in which you love self will be a reflection, of this experience.

Subjects defined as Joy, Humility, Compassion, and Universal Love, are expressions, within, our experience, and we share these teachings with heartfelt gratitude, and the sincerest respect.

Questions that have been offered to us are: "Will this be the end of the world? How can I feed my family? Will compassion be enough? What if this is all in my head? Are there really alien civilizations? What is the agenda of the new Shadow Empire? Will this come to pass? Who are you all really? How do we know if we can trust you? And how does what you teach fit into the new paradigm system?"

A very small sample of the questions in our database, we thank you sincerely for such thoughtful questions, and we are grateful to you for creating them, that we may answer them, and if I may, with sincere love and the most humble peace, answer them here, I would be grateful to be able to do so.

"Will this be the end of the world?"

It is a suggestion, that, if a one would be willing, then we pose re-direction and re-examination, to focus on the thoughts, perceptions, and patterns of hearts expression, and to stay "heart-space" at all times. It is, not in our capability, to answer directly such a question, for knowledge of the future is limited, even in our capacity, and we would rather, not express, "This will be so or this shall not be so, or maybe", as we are aware this could potentially be a violation of free will.

"How can I feed my family?"

When a one enters "heart-space", and this one comes to experience all as without "lack", that experience of fulfillment within, brings to a one, all that a one desires.

"What if this is all in my head?"

We would simply, and most humbly say, examine a one's thoughts about such feelings, and in the light of such thoughts, an answer will come from "heart-space".

"Are there really alien civilizations?"

Yes, we are present. Thank you for this question, as it is not intended to prove our presence one way or the other, as this would be in violation of free will, only to participate in the experience of those who are open to that experience.

"What is the agenda of the new Shadow Empire?"

We advise, that if one is interested in this subject, that there are many authors who talk heavily on this area, we are not "personally", or directly, involved in this pathway to enlightenment.

"Will this come to pass?"

Every expression has potential, but it is always in the realm of choice. We humbly suggest to adopt a "wait and see" approach and allow one to re-focus on intention.

"Who are you all really?"

Sentient, Cosmic, Life forms, developing and expressing, our continued growth and evolution, in Universal Cosmic Love. We do not have form that, humbly, one could understand. We simply express form, through the pathway of one's highest thought, and highest self, to provide communication potential.

"How do we know if we can trust you?"

We humbly thank you for this question, and we would point to a teaching on one's home, "Trust is earned". We would like the opportunity to earn "Trust" through action, expression, humility, love, and communion.

"And how does what you teach fit into the new paradigm system?"

Thank you for this question. We designed several new paradigms before 2000, some after 2000, and some re-published toward 2011, and we would guide one to examine this body of knowledge, channeled through kind, loving, and generous ones, who gave us the opportunity to communicate through them. At this point in expression, we are most focused upon Universal Cosmic Love, and assisting in the process of helping one to achieve such an experience.

Thank you, dear Sentient life forms, for allowing this one to speak to you today, and to humbly answer questions pertaining to continued expression and experience.