23 September 2011


Dear Friends,

The Fall Equinox is Friday, September 23 at 3:05AM . Think of this as the beginning of a new year and of a new time frame. This gives you an opportunity to redesign your intentions especially if what you have been manifesting is not what you want. Allow trends in your life to show up to teach you what not to repeat. Allow great and surprising gifts to show up as well.

The influences around this equinox are powerful and carry a force that supports major change and transition. Anyone who chooses this time frame to transition in either birth or death will take advantage of the extra boost. It is also a good time to use this force symbolically. Anything you choose to terminate, change or begin during this time will have the extra support of the equinox as well as .

Take time for yourself and ritualize this equinox by using the spirit of fire to burn something symbolically that you are really and truly ready to be done with. Allow it to burn and be destroyed once and for all. If you are beginning something new, make sure to ritualize it in some way as well. Remember that whatever you do for yourself you do for all your relations and has a ripple effect on the planet as well.

The New Moon is Tuesday, September 27 at 5:09 AM Mountain Daylight Time. Focus on just being. Expand into neutrality, don't take anything personally and enjoy being still. A visit to the higher centers is possible if you make time for it. Remember you are still in the influence of the fall equinox so work with the aspects of sudden inspiration, transformation, transition, and change.

This is also a good day for a review of the month and a truthful review of where you are on your path. Make a wish list from the place of innocence much like writing a letter to Santa Claus. Remember to be careful what you ask for.



Written by Patricia Liles
Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Friday, September 23, 2011, 3:05 AM MDT

Tuesday, September 27, 5:09 AM MDT

The point of solar balance where the light of day is equal to the dark of night is upon us ~ Autumnal Equinox. We honor and celebrate our life-giving Sun as it reaches the equator, crosses over, and heads into the southern hemisphere to bring them into their high season of summer and to bring the northern hemisphere in just three months time into its farthest reaches from the light – . The Equinox is marked by the movement of out of Virgo and into 0º Libra, cardinal air sign and ruled by the only feminine planet, Venus. Venus, at home in her own sign of Libra now, is deep in her feminine expression of harmony, beauty, diplomacy and social grace.

Autumnal Equinox
Traditionally, the Fall Equinox is the time to take stock of resources for the leaner times of winter, determine needs and plan accordingly. We might do the same in our own lives. The past summer had some very challenging astrology as you may recall, but now is more of an integration time of what we have passed through. Certainly, the personal planets continue to recreate the T-square with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn that has us as constant witness to the withering of the old paradigm of separation and domination and the shattering, shifting explosive energy of the new bursting through the strangle hold of the old. Saturn has moved on figuring, I suppose, that we have the basic idea and now the personal planets, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars can provide an occasional alignment reactivating the T-square to remind us not to be complacent and fall back asleep, but do what we need to do on the inner planes to be receptive to the crystalline energies available to us. (read more link here)

In the Equinox chart of September 23rd, the Libran Sun (0º) is doing just that, taking up Saturn's old position – opposing Uranus (2º) and squaring Pluto (4º) reminding us that we can expect continued shift, change and inspiration providing us with fuel to make even radical changes in how we see ourselves and what we want to present to others.

The Sun in Libra and Moon in Leo are sextiled in the Equinox chart and both quincunxed (150º aspect) to Chiron (1º Pisces). That's a Yod or Finger of God configuration pointing us at transmuting our wounds into our most precious treasure and source of our wisdom. No more whining (blaming, judging). I'm saying that to myself, but is most likely relevant to all. Here is one of those portal stops to just let the past go and step into a new frequency of your choice! Bask in the feminine joy of compassion and community and intuitive awareness of heart that Libra brings.

September 23rd is also the beginning of the 6th night in the Mayan Calendar – more fuel. Fitting for us as we look within and rely on our hearts for guidance and alignment with Spirit who speaks to all who seek silence and listen. Listen to your children grow, listen to your lover give, listen to the trees root, listen to your nourish, listen to the and drink in your blessings.

If that's not enough, remember, Venus is the ruling planet of the Libran Equinox. Goddess of Love, with the Scales as her symbol, weighing Truth and standing for balance and justice, diplomacy and negotiation, equality in partnership and relationship. Venus has a mesmerizing cycle well known to the ancients – Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Aztecs, Nordics, etc. She appears as the evening star, visible just after the Sun sets, growing brighter and brighter until she 'enters the underworld' and becomes 'invisible' for a number of days (actually, she's so merged with the Sun, she can't be seen). Then, renewed, she reemerges as the morning star. She completes this cycle every 584 days or about one and a half years. Every eight years, after completing 5 of these (synodic) cycles, she completes a greater cycle returning to the same starting position and relationship to the Earth. Viewed from above our Solar System, this 8 year cycle would inscribe a giant pentagram or 5-pointed star created by the path of Venus aligning again with the Earth. Looking deep into the cycles of Venus one is reminded of the harmonic of Beauty that is expressed by the universe in its sacred mathematical and geometric systems. I am grateful to be a witness and appreciator of the universe sharing its perfection and beauty. A depiction of this feminine Venus cycle exists in (link here). The description is technical but the graphics are pure nectar for astrologers.

But that's a long introduction for the fact that Venus again is reappearing after her journey to the underworld as the evening star on Friday, September 23rd as a beautiful jewel in the crown of our Equinox. Each of these 8 year cycles arise in a specific sign and the current cycle wears the valence of Scorpio. Venus expresses in Scorpio as the Dark Goddess, the female Shaman, Sorceress, Kali, the Wise Woman – keeper of the cycles of birth and death, destroyer of that which has outworn its usefulness or welcome, destruction of attachment to pain and loss, she attends us at our rebirth of Spirit within us. We have needed this form of the Goddess in these last years and many have felt her fearlessness as she whipped through our lives.

Venus, of course, has dominion over the heart and our expression of compassion, attraction, social connection and beauty. Opening to our own love and freeing our hearts is the most important work we can do at this time. Anything that shuts down our hearts like fear, ego-mind, judgement, causes our thymus, of our to also shut down and all sorts of breathing, allergy, breast problems can occur.

This 8 year Venus-Earth cycle will be complete in June 2012 when we begin a new (and lighter) cycle in Gemini. The completion of the cosmic pentagram will be accompanied by a "Venus Transit" which we will be blessed to witness in our lifetime and truly represents the reemergence of the Divine Feminine. Occurring only every 121 to 130 years, the last being in 1874 and the next in 2117. A "Venus Transit" is like an eclipse of the Sun, where the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth. Here, tiny Venus is seen against the backdrop of the gigantic Sun. Maybe not visually spectacular, but only 5 of these 'Venus Transits" have been seen by humans. These 'Transits' occur in pairs at this time, 8 years apart, and the first of this current pair visible in your lifetime was June 8, 2004 and the next is June 6, 2012.

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon occurring just a few days after the Autumnal Equinox is notable for a stellium in Libra – Mercury, Moon, Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Juno all occupy the sign most concerned with the principles of balance, fairness, equity, compassionate relating, and flow of resources using cooperation, adjustment, and the creation of aesthetic and harmonious environment to bring about the Perfection they desire. It's also a SuperMoon (the first in a fall series of three). The Moon is at its closest position to Earth and in direct alignment with the Sun and Earth creating an increased magnetic pull on the Earth's magnetosphere already inundated by multiple solar flare and coronal mass ejections from the Sun's surface. This is correlated by many to increased storm intensity and Earth movement. We are being subjected to an intensification of energies on every level. Some are managing and adapting and others are feeling inundated and overwhelmed.

Mercury, Sun, and Moon are all opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto continuing our themes from the Equinox. Uranus stimulates the call for the emergence of our authentic selves with some strong wake up calls that disrupt our business as usual and provoke us to engage what we are willing to risk everything for. Vesta in Aquarius is opposing Mars in Leo aiding us in concentrating and directing our will/energy if used constructively on a personal level or for a cause larger than ourselves, or perhaps blocking our abilities to take action or make commitments if the balance in masculine/feminine needs more attention.

New Moon is always the time to pause as the lunar cycle is reset and clearly reestablish what we want to manifest in the next cycle.

May it be beautiful before me
May it be beautiful behind me
May it be beautiful below me
May it be beautiful above me
May it be beautiful all around me
I am restored in beauty
-Traditional Navajo Prayer

10/11 Full Moon Aries 8:06 PM MDT
10/23 Sun enters Scorpio
10/26 New Moon Scorpio 1:55 PM MDT
11/06 Daylight Savings Time Ends

Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com