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Message from Ascended Master, K-17
Rejoice and Embrace yourself in the Light
Channeled by:
September 18, 2011

Welcome ! Welcome to another blessed day in the light of God that always surrounds you in unequivocal, unconditional love. I AM K-17. I am the of the Secret . I am also who welcomes ALL to Ascended Master Lanello&;s retreat on the Rhine. I AM a Divine Defender of ALL and it pleases me greatly to come forward to speak to ALL of you today.

If before now, you or some of you have lived a duller life style, after you begin following in the Master’s teachings, you will soon find, your life will never be the same again. You will be embraced with so much light, living colour of their radiance and the never-ending of their love. They will guide you to many wonders, and support you in every instance. They will never turn away even during the most traumatic moments when no one seems to be there.

Throughout your life, you have experienced your own personal battlefield, where you called out for justice, fairness and so forth. It is I, K-17 who answered your calls. There are many people upon this planet who work for the Cosmic Secret Service. Some of you may have an inner feeling that some people in your lives are special. Maybe they are social workers, legislative representative in your area, doctor, or someone of reasonable clout that has helped you when no one else would. Or they listened to you, and offered you the best, clear advice ever given. We come in many guises to serve those who have been left out or fell through the cracks and need additional guidance until they get on their feet. I will defend all that seek my help.

As you wind your way along this path you have chosen to commit to, the path that leads you back into God’s light, you have had some difficult choices, out-of-this-world challenges, and many day-to-day dealings that have been helping shape you into the Light Being YOU are meant to be. Accepting your call as a Lightworker, a being that carries light for others and the world require much commitment and love of the purest kind. You have heard so many speak of clearing and cleansing and both are very necessary. So is maintaining balance of your masculine and feminine spirits. There are many male and female roles that have been greatly reversed due to the change of the times. Women are working more and men are staying home. And in some families, the women are more masculine. Whichever you are, find your balance. Find the balance of both spirits. Reach for the Cosmic Virgin, entrust yourself in the Mother to help guide you to this balance that will bring you much harmony and joy. She will not turn you away; she will LOVE you, always.

Rejoice and Embrace yourself in the Light that unfolds in front of you, that is God’s love as you move past each and every obstacle. Bask in his LOVE that will set you glowing in a way no other can. Following in God’s light, and entrusting yourself in God’s love is a very rewarding path and journey to embark. Learning the teachings of each Master as you go, finding what resonates and what does not. Question yourself why something does not resonate. It is okay to NOT agree with everything that is before you. As you move forward, you will learn to trust in your intuition and believe in your findings more. Your own confidence will rise and your inner light will shine like a beacon for all those that are open to such a beautiful, and radiate site and feeling.

There will be more challenges, some will be a lot of daily hassles and inconveniences, but they are all presented to you as hidden lessons to see how you will respond, react, cope, and what you will do. Take what comes your way, as GRACEFUL as you possibly can. Show COMPASSION and MERCY to all that you meet. Every person on this Earth is deserving of UNCONDITIONAL love that fills your pure heart. Living in God’s light and likeness is beautiful. Sharing your God’s self with others is a very healing, and commending act as you are showing how easy it is to NOT judge or criticize as that is not the way of God.

Do not fear reproach from others as you willingly reach to fellow lightworkers, friends, relatives and others and offer to guide, support and love them for ALL they are. Listen to your pure heart, that glows from the light and love from God. Know in this incredible heart of yours that you are doing well, and YES God is pleased. Feel his smile, how it exudes Divine .

I am preparing to leave this child, who accepted me to speak through her the night before. Do not hesitate to call upon me and the Cosmic Secret Service when you are in need of what we stand for. Know that not only God loves you, but so do I and all the other Masters , angels and the deities that you turn to.

And so it is…Ascended Master, K-17 through Julie Miller