7 September 2011

: Jani King

Greetings my ! Today we are to speak about relationships.

Now indeed, one way or another, you may say that the topic called 'relationship' is very apropos in all of your lives. Either there is some area of your life where you are having a relationship which is not what you want it to be or you are yearning for a relationship of a certain type that is not showing forth in your life.

So, what is it, this relationship? You know, there is no kind of relationship which is more valid than any other. Certainly you all tend to label your relationships and to say that this one is important, this one is not quite so important, and this one is indeed very, very important to you.

But the truth is, for your own growth and , all of the relationships that you have in your life are equally as valid. Whether it is with a lover or spouse, with a child or parent and siblings, with employer or employee, or with somebody that you only meet once in your life but have some kind of emotional rapport or exchange with, all of it is valid. All of it is valid because, whatever your relationship, it is a reflection to you.

We have been saying forth to you very often that when you view whatever is occurring in your life by the emotional quotient — that is in any situation, 'How does it feel?' — then indeed 'How does it feel?' is your barometer to what the issues are in your life. What is aligned. What is not aligned. What is an opportunity for expansion. What is to be recognized as a re-creation of old patternings that you may choose to go beyond, hmm? All of it, if you like, is a way for you to measure and to know more about you.

Let us speak for one about the lack of relationship in your life. You can all look at your lives and recognize this one, hmm? Many of you are feeling that there is an empty within you that you really desire to fill and you go out to find somebody to fill it. So this is filled by that one who would fulfill the role of lover, or indeed spouse.

Then what occurs is that somewhere along the road, the bloom wears off the rose. Does that sound familiar to you? Instead of that heart-stopping, most exciting, wondrous love affair, you come to a place where it is disappointing. Where the lover, through familiarity, is not fulfilling that obligation which was to be perfect, to fill the empty space, to provide you with what you cannot provide for yourself. And in that moment you begin to find fault and you say, "Well you are not as I would desire you to be and so good-bye." End of relationship. Move on and find the next perfect one. You all know about that, hmm?

All right, so what we would say to you — and this is very important because many of you have heard much given forth about your mates and twin flames — so it is the desire of your heart to find the mate who will be absolutely perfect and then it will be the perfect relationship, happily ever after.

Well, bad luck! Indeed that which is your soul mate, should you find it, will reflect back to you absolutely everything which is not aligned in your life! Therefore we would say in this timing, you should perhaps pray that you don't meet that one yet, hmm? (Laughter)

We are teasing a little bit, but the truth of the matter is that nobody can fill that empty space but you. And what is the empty space? The empty space is the vacuum created when you separate from yourself in your judgment of who you are; the vacuum created by the knowing that you are not enough.

So it does not matter who you invite into your life to fill the gap. They cannot do it. You understand? Because each one you invite into your life is there to reflect back to you who you really are.

And indeed they will reflect to you that which is the wondrousness, but you understand that if you do not know that you are beautiful, your lover telling you how beautiful you are will not be a truth for you. If you do not love who you are, if you do not accept every facet of you and love it absolutely, your lover loving every facet of you will not be enough because it will not be your truth. Do you understand?

So when you can look at your relationship with a lover and know that it, indeed, is a mirror to you, then you will take responsibility for whatever is occurring to you and see that it is not something that somebody has done. It is something that you have co-created, co-created through your beliefs, through your ideas, through your fears about the truth of you.