10 September 2011




Dear ones, things on your seem very much at a point of upheaval right now, and this plays on the rising and falling of your emotional states. It is from this turmoil and chaos that is present on your world, that you can find your equilibrium. Without the experiences of this cascading revolution, you would not be fast approaching the of . Without this understanding you would not know how to maintain balance. All ascended masters have this equilibrium and balance of all their states. They are in of every thought and feeling.
Once you have passed through this test, you will be firmly on the other side and be able to once more join us in the .

We see from our vantage point here above you, that the and increase in earthquake and volcanic activity on earth, is proceeding as has been decreed by . Your planet will not wait much longer to shift and shake and upheave , so that her body is once again pristine. We monitor from our craft, and are keeping things as stable as possible during this current time. Right now your planet is seeing a major increase in severe weather patterns and you have indeed seen us, in our attempts to keep the manipulations of the remaining dark cabal under control. Had we not interfered, the disaster and loss of life would have been tremendous, and the souls that did pass, did so by their own agreement. We can only do so much for you, as we cannot interfere with your karma or your soul contract agreements.

Very shortly we will be joining you on earth as the last efforts are made in order to make sure disclosure occurs. We are expecting this to go very smoothly, and you will see us walk among you, and you will know we are your friends, and our intent is pure. No one can make you see anything but the truth, and this will be revealed to you. You will be able to speak with us directly and experience our love for you first hand.

You are in a current wave of that is taking you upwards, and the dark will not be able to control you or have any effect upon you much longer. You will soon have the freedom that is rightfully yours as intended by source. All that is not resonant with the higher energies is being swept aside. It is unstoppable, and by continuing to focus on the light and sending your love all over the planet, you too help raise the consciousness everywhere. So many of you are now are awakening, and this will indeed be a joyous return for you all to the light.

I am SaLuSa of Sirius, and we look foward to the moment of our arrival on your planet, when we can openly interact with you and fully prepare you for Ascension.