Posted: 08 Sep 2011 02:49 PM PDT


Laura: Good evening . Would you please be able to give us a short update?

SaLuSa: The current developments on your planet are speeding up. We have been expecting an acceleration to take place as we approach the end of 2011. Time is short and is also accelerating dear friends. From now on, events will rapidly follow one another. Not all the coming events will be positive in the short term, but the follow up on those events will give more and more power to the light. Do not be discouraged by set backs and delay tactics used by the dark hats, as their days in power are numbered at this late .

We are aware of much impatience on your part dear friends. This is of course very understandable. We too are very much looking forward to the days where pure light will shine on your wonderful . We urge you to keep in mind and to remain balanced. We would also like you to take your eyes off the target as you say. Keep being busy with your daily activities and keep being present every moment in your life. Keep experiencing the last remaining days 3D has to offer you dear friends. The build up of directed towards is just incredible. We are pleased to see how well you are managing the increase of the in your hearts and to spread it around you to all those who and who are willing to accept the light.

Your brothers and sisters who wish to continue experiencing cannot be forced to follow the light and they cannot be forced to follow you. So be patient with those who still reject love and light. They are simply not ready for the next stage for Mother and will be safely relocated so that they can continue to experience what is needed for their spiritual growth. Mother is ascending and there just will soon be nowhere to go on your planet for all those who wish to continue life in . Mother Earth wishes all of us to understand that there is nothing that she can do to keep living in . She has reached the level of development for Ascension and it can not be stopped nor delayed.

She is aware that this split is painful for you all, and much speculation and fear has grown around this area for many of you. We assure you that your wishes and your higher self’s wishes will be respected. There just is no other way for the end to play itself out. The end of duality for you and Mother Earth is Ascension dear ones. It is still possible that some undecided people will chose to ascend with her however. So please do not despair in fear of separation from your dear ones. We are never really separated. In truth, when in duality, we simply are not aware of our love and connection for the most part of the day.

Because of tiredness, stress, fear or illness you believe that you will lose those loved friends, loved husband or wife. Don’t forget dear ones, that for those of you who choose to ascend, you will always be able to be by your loved ones’ side, to protect them and love them, no matter where in the Universe they are relocated. And they, in turn will also feel your loving presence around you. They will very likely not know what is happening for them. They will not know who is the loving presence around them and helping them so much. But subconsciously they will certainly be aware of your love and of your presence.

So you see, as you are now, you believe that there will be a separation, where in actual fact there is never such a thing. You would simply allow your loved family and friends to continue having the experiences which suit best for their growth at this time. I could compare it with watching a theatre play, where your loved ones are the actors. However you can have a good understanding of the whole show and will have a first class seat to observe and even to help them at times.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and leave you in peace and Joy. Be one, be love.

Thank you