Laura: Good evening . Here is our question today:

“Why cannot SaLuSa contact me any more directly? What is the difficulty?  What shall/should I do??”


SaLuSa: We are around you all more often than you think, either by making a mind to mind connection when allowed by your higher , or by coming near you from other dimensions. Unfortunately, the gap between dimensions is difficult to bridge for you yet, so you are mostly unable to be consciously aware of us. You will feel an intuition after a certain period of time and you will learn to trust it. It also has to do with blockages within your , subtle matter is blocked, very common for your species; it is not your fault at all. Certain blockages prevent further higher developments for you all at this stage. It is coming from Atlantis and certain entities attach themselves on to all of you periodically, and drain your .


This can manifest by constant fatigue, feeling of emptiness inside, various manifestations such as anger outbursts, desire to create conflicts and confuse others, tendencies to hide the truth or insecurities but also physical manifestation such as illness. Most of the above come from the simple fact that certain entities influence your behaviour and judgement throughout your day. Do not be alarmed please, but this has been the case for thousand of years on your planet, and it has contributed to shorten your lifespan, as well as stopping your consciousness development to a certain point.


Cleansing, inner cleansing, meditating will help you. We will work on this when we are here, with you as well. Knowledge was lost through time, but it can be found again. Research your path to clearing your body from and from tensions. Stepping away from computer regularly and bring your attention to your self, your inner self, your body. Circulate your attention, like a ray of light within your body. Also a good exercise is just sensing your body, your tensions just as you can experience them. There is no need for anything else other than seeing what is right now.


The cleansing needs to be done on a very regular basis, as these entities are constantly trying to attach themselves on to you and feed off your life force. This is why meditation helps to bring awareness of their presence and to get rid of them, even if only for short periods of time. Bringing awareness and consciousness into your body by bringing sensation of your feet and for instance, as well as circulating your attention to your limbs and back muscles would contribute to this clearing of darker energies from your bodies. You will bring your entire body back to life, so to speak, by bringing your God I AM presence, your light to inhabit your body consciously.


We are also aware of the long hours of work most of you are required to do in order to make a living. You are surrounded by many people who are not awake yet, and their lower vibrations are also contributing in bringing your down. This is why you would find it beneficial to meditate at least morning and evening in order to regenerate yourself. You will find dear ones that having your light cleansing your body will increase your and contribute to slow down cell degeneration as a consequence. You will not age as fast as many around you, and you will be under the constant protection from your light.


You will find dear friends, that working with a group of people will also increase this inner cleansing, and also spread the light frequencies to those around you and to of course. She will also benefit from your light presence being strengthened. So you could think of this as taking back possession of your own body, while you are taking back possession of your beautiful planet at the same time.


Most of you spent the vast majority of your day caught up in doing what is required of you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, however if you were able to increase your I AM presence, you will find yourself also re-energised even while you are at work or going to work. In order to bring more balance into your life and remain more centred, it would help you to be able to step back from time to time and come back to your back and spine. Sense the connection between your head, neck and spine, right through your legs, all the way to Mother . Bring your pure golden light straight into her soul. Imagine how much your pouring love into Mother would help her. While you are doing this, something is also given from above to each and everyone of you. No conscious unselfish action, motivated by pure love ever goes unseen dear souls.


Laura: Thank you SaLuSa. Would you like to give us an update as well today please?


SaLuSa: Yes of course. You are continuing to shine above your planet and we are very please to see your progress. You are contributing in bringing a sense of fairness back on Earth and this in turn restores hope and joy into everybody’s life. It is important dear friends to share all valuable information with those around you. They will also benefit from positive news showing that the world is becoming a better place for all little by little. We have often spoken of the effects that misinformation and disinformation have on the minds. This can be counteracted with appropriate information from reliable sources.


We are allowing time for the entire network of the cabal to be dismantled piece by piece. In order to do that, we must adapt to all changes in situation and adjust our plan accordingly. You are powerful beings and all you need is to remember who you really are. We are hoping that your various governments will agree to disclose to you the fact that many of them have been in contact and working with off world technology for decades and that they are in contact with extraterrestrials for a long time. This will initially cause much confusion in the general public, and will be a further opportunity for the dark hats to install fear in you when this takes place.


In time however the true nature of your link to your space brothers will also be revealed to you all dear ones. This is the best way for you to accept our presence and to realize that we are not here to represent any threat to you and your planet. We have established that this would be the preferred path to a peaceful and joyful reunion. We are also working on counteracting any efforts the dark hats are making in order to present us as a major threat to all of you. It is a fact that the majority of people are conditioned to trust their government, therefore we prefer this scenario to unfold for you towards disclosure, followed by decloaking, leading to First Contact.


Mother Earth has renewed her call for help to the Higher Hierarchy, as she is in need for help from the now constant attacks on her from the dark hats and she needs to accelerate her work in clearing negative energies. The change in her magnetism is also putting pressure on her to shift. She can not wait for ever, especially as the dark hats use all the opportunities to amplify all her moves and try to create disasters.


We do not wish to show ourselves in the middle of crisis and confusion; however it appears that this is the dark hats’ plan. We are waiting for our Earth Ally to continue their progress and it is clear that they have been doing well so far. The cabal perceives their loss in power as a major threat, and in response impose even stronger attacks on Mother Earth and on you with their weather modification technology or by personal attacks against lightworkers. As their influence on you clearly diminishes, they are panicking and wish to create more chaos.

Dear friends, you have discovered your power when you unite for the better good. You know the power of love has no limit and you are beginning to see the results for the past few months as secret deals are exposed and as you are awakening, taking control of your life and of your planet.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I encourage you in remaining centred in love and light. Please do not allow fear or anger to evade your emotions and to spread. Mother Earth needs all the help available at this time.

Thank you



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