Sekhmet, Ascension Tools Teleconference, 8/30/11*


Sekhmet: "Greetings, , we are so joyful to be here! We are here to have discussion about “Yes I Can! 101,' and it is most timely. You heard the Beloved Man wondering about and Elenin, and that which is happening upon the Planet, is, shall we say, doing a lot of shaking up, particularly in the United States of America at this time, places that nobody thought would ever be devastated by a hurricane, or an earthquake. Imagine, cracking the Washington Monument!


"And there are those who want you to think that oh this is more of the dark hats, and get into fear, fear, fear, fear. And we're here to tell you this is the necessary re-alignments and re-balancings of Herself. Mother is doing things as gently as she can, and if you want to reflect upon that you can figure that, first of all there was plenty of warning for the hurricane, and secondly, that those few who did leave their bodies did so in agreement that they would do so, because they felt that their missions were complete, and it was time to leave. And that while there has been a great deal of devastation of property, it's also very cleansing.


"And again, Mother Gaia is being as gentle as she can. Nevertheless we know that you do have opportunities to look at these events and occurrences. We know there's everything in your news from drug wars, and people getting shot, or killed in various ways, to disaster in the whole economy of the World. And of course the churches are trying to hang on, particularly these ones who you call the fundamental ones, and of course the church that is really a symbol of world-wide power and control, which is based in what you call the Vatican, and there are others in between. And there are politicians who have literally sold out their, constituents, and there are agencies of the government where there have been people who have been corrupt in positions of power setting up policies that were designed simply to move the power into the hands of the wealthy and so on, and so on.


"All this stuff has been going on and it's all being cleansed out. It's all being transmuted into higher dimensional lifestyles and integrities. You may want to go to the website about the People for Peace** and you will find that two people are there for you to email your visions to, and whatever you want to email; two people, Obama and Beloved Dennis Kucinich. There's a lot of housecleaning going on right now in all areas. And it is our mission to stand together, and to literally dissolve, or transmute, whatever fear comes our way to be aware of – because by doing that, we're helping to literally dissolve and transmute fear for the entire Planet.


"Now you all know the opposite of fear is Love. And this is huge! And Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. This is huge! And we mentioned in our last communication on the internet to you, that we have been instructing the Voice, that is if she chooses to do what we suggest, and she is, to reread the Harry Potter series, not for the adventures, but for the nuances of empowerment which are found there. Harry Potter was just as inspired as Star Wars, and other stories, tellings of Truth. And the magic is really real!


"You, Beloved Ones, are the ones creating the magical moments, the magical events, the magical energies, and you're doing it with Love, and yes, using some tools. And it is to have a joyful, a happy, thought. Remember our series on Joyful Upliftments? You can find JU's on the energy tools website.*** Go back! We co-created those in one of our sessions. And it is when you have a fear thought come, it is so effective to use a J.U. to substitute, because that is how you transmute. And when you can substitute with Joy, and bring in that Love power, you create magic!!! They call it a patronus in Harry Potter, but what you're really doing is creating a field of energy that not only dis-empowers the fear to come into your being, but you're actually transmuting it, and sending that transmutation out to the entire Planet!!!


"Just think, if you live in an area which has a, what you call, a warning of some kind of a weather event that is moving toward you. (Yes, be prudent. Don't put yourself in the path of the storm with your physicality. You don't need to do that!) Make your preparations, move to high ground, or whatever you need to do, but then blast out, beam out, burst out, a total, total wave of loving energy, joyful energy, use Joy that you yourself know – a joyful moment, a joyful vision, anything that uplifts you in your vibrations, and then beam it out. Let it burst forth from your being, so that you empower those around you to let go of, to release, to transmute the fears that they have. Say so in words if you need to, but telepathically send out on these energy waves, empowerment to ride out whatever it is. ,Empowerment to know that all is well, and that everyone is exactly in the right place at the right time. They are where they need to be. And it is for everyone to connect with the totality of Who They Really Are, and then connect with the One We All Are in divine, sacred upliftment, moving up into a higher vibration, or dimensionality. And this, Beloved Ones ,is how to create healing, no matter what the event, no matter what it might be!


'And if you would take the word 'fear' and write it on a piece of paper, and have ready the word 'Love' on another piece of paper, and you can empower the dissolution, or the release, or the transmutation of fear, even with your – remember bringing the Light into your ? Move it counterclockwise over that word 'fear', and as you feel your vibrations going up, put the page that says 'Love' on top of it. That's a very visible . You can use your wand,**** you can use your hands, you can use your roller,***** or whatever you want. Practice that. Feel the feelings of releasing or transmuting fear, and turning it into high vibrational Love. That's a very simple thing. Everybody who has a couple of pieces of paper, and something to write with, can do that. Start practicing that, so you know when you're there, and then you just beam it out by your intent. Put it on auto pilot, beam it out. It'll go all over the Planet and beyond, because this is our mission, Beloved Ones, and remember we're here to help you in all of this.


"So what we would like to do – we realize we did not ask you to bring writing materials, but that is all right. What we would like you to do is join with us in creating energy of Love, so as to disempower fear. That's the exercise that we're going to do. Now if you want to use a Harry Potter silver deer patronus, that is fine. That's a nice symbol is it not? But all we're talking about here is raising our vibrations, and getting into Love as One, so that when you feel it, you send it out, and just imagine that outside of your there is a word, or symbol, of fear. You could use an alphabet agency. You could use the IRS, that's easy to envision, isn't it? It's just three letters. It will be outside of your fields.


"It will pop up, and what we're going to do is transmute it. You can use any symbol you want to. We're going to start bringing up the Love, and create the shield for you, so that whatever it is remains just outside of your fields, and yet you know it's there. It can be a bad news weather report if you want. It can be anything that could inspire fear in you. This is an exercise. This is a beginning. We are practicing together. This is something you can continue after this Gathering. And if you want to just use a couple of pieces of paper with 'Love' on one and 'fear' on the other, this is excellent, however you devise it. It's up to you to be the creator of your own particular method, even while you join with us in creating the overall exercise and its result. So, this by the way will be the highlite of our '101' presentation, 'Yes I Can!' and thus we shall go into this, and when we are complete, you are invited to stay in the energy for as long as you would like to do so.


“Alrighty! Everybody relax. Everybody just breathe. Breathe in the air of Freedom; breathe in the air of Courage; breathe in the feeling of Love; breathe in the certitude that We Are Together. Hold hands if you wish. Open hearts, bring in that Light of Love. You may wish to do it through your hands, you know, hold one hand up, let that Love Light come in, travel up your arm, through your shoulder, across your collar bone. Take a little stop at the heart and fill it up. Continue across your collar bone, down your shoulder and your other arm, and out to your other hand.


"And now the Lovelight is ready. You can spiral it into your being. Start at your crown chakra. Move through your chakras with it, down to Mother Earth and up again, up to Father Sky and back again into your energy fields now. Let this Love circulate out and , and , and , and spiral powerfully out through all of your energy fields, totally, totally, immersing you in Love and the high vibrations that go with it.


"Love is the grandest power in the Universe, the glue, if you will, of the energy waves that hold us together that bring us into Oneness through which we feel our own divinity, our own empowerment. We can transmute anything! We can solve any problem! We can meet and thrive in the face of any challenge! We are lifted up together, and there is nothing, no power in the Universe as powerful as we are, because we carry, and hold, and bring in even more continually the Love out of which we have been created!!!


"We are connected with each other, we are connected with Mother Father God, we are connected with Mother Gaia, and the Solar System, and the Galaxy, and the Universe beyond. We are One and we stand tall! We are courageous, because our hearts are full of Love and Courage. And now outside of us in our Oneness together there is something that is a lower, more densely vibrating energy, and it is not of Love. It is a creation of humans. It is something that humans have created, that we are here to disempower with Love.


"And whatever tools and gifts we have, we stand ready. Now let it come a bit into focus. And now let us beam it. Unravel it if you wish with a counter clockwise spiral. Beam it with Love. With Love, see it somewhat dissolving, somewhat crumbling, see the density of it. Open up and see the sparkles of Lovelight. Feel the empowerment, and beam it to this fear of some kind. And see it literally transmute, and dissolve before our very eyes!


"And now, feel the Love that it has become. Now we can absorb it into our beings, because all it is is Love. We've done it! We have taken something that is of human creation, that is fearful, and we have transmuted it into high vibrational Love!!! We saw it dissolve. We saw the Lovelight come in, and break up its density, and we saw it literally transform itself into beams of Love. And that, Beloved Ones, is how to do it. That is how you create the magical clearing of anything that might be fearful. And now you all must stand with your Courage, with your Light of Love beaming, and say with me: 'Yes I Can, for I have just done so, and I can do this anytime that I choose to do it. And anytime that I am aware that there is any fear wanting to come into my fields, I call together this great Family of Ashtar, this Family of Love, to join with me in performing this mission again!


"And feel the energies and lift up with it, as we join together and perform this exercise of transmutation, however you choose to create it. We are together, and We Are One in Mission. And we shall be even more together in your hearts, in your wisdom eye, and in the totality of your beings. We are always there, We Are Always One, but we are telling you, Beloved Ones, that the energies of Love which are coming are messengers, so that you, Beloved Ones, will feel even more this great One We Are!


"Stay tuned, we have more to do, but we have made a grand leap forward in this Exercise, and it is for you now as co-creators to do this at any time you choose, and to open to receiving the Love, and the empowerment that being One With This Family is. And so we thank you. And we have bright shining Lights. You might call them medals of Courage. Accept them as symbolic of your participation in this co-creation of the One We All Are.


"And so it is! Namaste!"








Transcription by: Arnold Neal Troeh

Given through , Aug. 30, 2011 © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2011. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.