11 September 2011


Sept 12 2011 Full Scope -Real Magic of The Omnipresent

We have a full moon in Pisces this moon and as we enter the next two weeks we are still taking the lessons of previous new moon that had us reaching out of our comfort zone and building a new comfort zone around us learning anything is possible and nothing is to feared.

Pisces has us feeling extra sensitive but as we look at the window we have been looking through from our eyes the past months we see where it all has taken us and it only continues to soar as we face each vestige that comes up or bubbles up from engrams to old ways of thinking and living .as well places we have had shortcomings come to the surface and learn better ways of communicating what it is we wish to from our hearts and transcending through the transpersonal state.

We are extra sensitive this full moon but let that not stop you from living as the wolf in all you do . With all strength and glory of the photon frequency we are in currently stronger than ever. With all the sensitivity comes a deep photonic band of electromagnetics that has us radiating in the universes plan and sending us only real magic. Sensitivity may be in the air, but so is deep is discernment and new ways of opening and living even deeper in our true state of being for all is non-paradoxical joy.

This is a harvest moon and as the last full moon of the we enjoy the fiery hue of the orange moon letting it glimmer all it’s wisdom down to us. This Pisces moon will have us in a surreal type energy that has us in many bizarre scenarios as you may have felt leading up to this full moon plus or minus five days. The end result however is only deeper heart opening and in ways you never witnessed before. So this is a truly lovely moon.

But in this surreal energy we also find ourselves looking within ourselves and feeling with our hearts what is true for us. as the answers are always in our hearts and Pisces being as trustworthy as it is being honest with itself.

So when these surreal experiences occur you may find yourself going for some time to look at all that has happened and see where truth fits and where it does not as you sort out the details. There is also an air of silence to Pisces and after something unfolds you will have felt a deep drama but yet then being felt a deep silence. It brings us to conclude that it has
brought us only deeper peace within. And asking ourselves why didn’t we look at it that way before?

The term silent mind, open ears is key this full moon. We really want to be listening to what another is saying so we can be in full witness to what is going on. As well as silent mind, open eyes. Being fully aware we are seeing clearly what is going on around us.

Pisces being the water element has us flowing deep in surreal emotions often a switch of very quickly from one to the next. So do keep check of what you feel and what any feelings remind you of and if you don’t like a feeling ask why? To yourself.
And also if you enjoy a feeling ask no questions, simply let it flow as that is the real magic of pisces in the air.

As the most beautiful things give life to themselves and that is what pisces is all about.

During a full moon things tend to come out from shadow on the sidelines to out in the open ,or coming to light . Pisces gives us the theme “love is all around”. when you take the lower energies of pisces being tight crowds, and authority ,and put them with some of pisces higher energies being romance and trust. You get a thermodynamic witness of how they can together.

You are them able to give yourself a cognitive approach now to your phobia of crowds and find a balance .

The areas of focus this full moon will be romance as many things will come up here and as things come up they will focus on how you flow in your connections with others, and where a balance is needed and if there not balance to be found at this time through communication it may be best to go on your merry way and pick up the pieces and move along forward. Pisces gets us to see rationally past the emotion and remember As things are all cyclic of the elements. Pisces get us to see from super consciousness in the following view.

In our true nature we know that Our spirit hath returned to unknowable purest creation, all is possible ,all is bound by the same one blood and boundless branch knowable again, all is known within before it's happening. all is love at the of
every branch, for as the winds blow through the trees leaves ,cycles end , some stop to continue later, the divine quantum love is infinite and all branches of the cycle meet as one .

we are all one branch and our paths will meet together as intended by source in each cyclic evolution as we go through our experience. now is the time our paths were meant to share and walk as one .

For as we follow the winds call of change and let the fires rage burn away the old our steps on earth take new steps and through infinite realms take us forward and through the waters of the rain drop that drop grows new feeling for forward motion as drops slowly to the pond ,extending out to the river leading to the lake leading to the one big ocean where all meet as one. This cyclic work of the elements is forever and unchanging and unending.

So if the fall out was over communication purposes we need to examine why that was. Perhaps you or the other being is closed in a way that limit’s the flow of the communication and thus one is unable to communicate with the other in a way that flows with your being. There is nothing wrong with that ,but simply a need to look within to the root of what it is that limits that complete flow of communication whether it be judgment, fear ,or simply shyness, as Pisces is very shy.

We can overcome these fears through the transpersonal state which is witnessing through source as we are the conduit of the divine receptor in our super consciousness and recognizing the root of the fear or judgment or illusion which is something we believe to be real but having no realistic earthly base to it. so it only exists in our mind.

The super consciousness can witness these roots when we ask how did this start? We go to the ego and see if it is from egos id which rules desires and or super ego which rules our guilt and we can realize so much as we change or transmute that root of old programming with new ways of living and thinking from the super consciousness and thus, then transcend above.

Black moon Lilith is in the 12th , of endings.

Lilith is at a point where the shadow ends in our space time continuem. We have gone through much inner work of engrams and subconscious memories and old triggers of what makes us react in some of the most lower energy ways and see our old programming and shine a light on this side.

As the black moon is our deepest fear it is also our greatest power and we now have done the work and have that at our disposal.

For as one has a sly or harsh tongue, they also have the most loving soft tongue to speak from as well. Some lose sight of the fact we have a lower energy shadow and higher energy shadow.

These work in unison as you work them and if you want the maximum benefit of all your own shadow can offer you the only place to go is to the lower energies as they are the key to higher energies and deeper inner peace.

By living through fire and brimstone is the only you will ever experience what true heaven and peace is within. It is not instantaneous as some would like it to be and it takes having faith in yourself and trusting yourself and that influence of Pisces is helping as to see that as we look at both sides of Lilith and black moon has us seeing both sides.

As the conclusion black moon has for us this energy scope is to see from both sides ,not just one . But for the acceptance of things about others and self and every experience . See not what you want to see, but see what is .as all is what it is.

see both sides of the one equation. As all is one, as all energy is one, it may have a different feeling, but no matter the energy its still the same one energy. We choose what we say and what we do, but its being in tune with the photonic frequency in our bio-physical being that matters most and following that frequency leading us home.

As black moon is in Aries sextile the full moon and in conjunction with the sun this indicates a path of to be had from all that comes to light this full moon for maximum humility.

This energy wants all to realize that empowerment comes when challenged and when we are taken out of our comfort zone for example or challenged on a communicative level that is calling us to look at what we can transmute and take from that duality where it may sit, the root of the challenge and that root is the basis of empowerment for us to face and learn from and grow and empower for pan-determination.

The full moon is making a grand square to the suns nodes and has the whole ”doingness” of things at an odds making things you do go the opposite direction.

You may set out and feel it is the best choice for a certain area of your life only to find that this had other plans or the area involved given the surreal energy of pisces giving a whole other twist to it that area that will completely be deep and from a true area of photonic frequency.

Yielding to this twist can only have a divine outcome. It will show us from south node being where we have been, and north node where we go next and what is best for us giving us a complete ending to things that needed clearing in area of relationships that compliment who we are and that don’t compliment our being taking us to where we should be and manifesting again a whole new cyclic beginning from what ends.

We will learn much of others ignorance, criticism and truth under this area. We learn that others like to give criticism but may not be so humble when taking it and it shows us where we are or should be and where work is needed if it was you who was criticized and perhaps could not have forgiveness right away.

The key is to letting go of resentment and admitting perhaps you were ignorant to another’s emotions if that be the outcome, but also letting them know you don’t hold that against them and letting go and loving forward .

As multi-dimensional beings that is all we can do, and learning our lessons along the way. As it is part of our physical experience to make mistakes but grow from them.

But it’s also bringing to attention and being honest with the other person in if this be your relationship area that it may have been something they did that did make you react in the manner you did and if they are unable to find compromise and accept they made a not so wise choice then it is best it is done. For if someone can not admit to something ,then they have no humility and thus need to awake that part of themselves. This area of energy focuses deep on that this full moon.

We create our reality by our choices and if one forever chooses to be scornful they are only doing in themselves ,no one else. Unconditional love embraces all as part of itself and put itself in another’s shoes and feels how the other walks and humbly respects another’s decision ,they do not resent it.

They also see why they made that decision. It all goes back to black moons lesson. See both sides. We are an expression of all this one love, love is all and all is love. Like the fish that swims yonder ,you may see a million fish, but there really is only one.

It is simply a matter of having the courage to share out your heart where you know it should be and not being afraid to look with true eyes where it should be and clearing the roots that stop you from doing so in that boundless love that is all.

Pisces also has our lucid dreams working overtime as we gain deep insights and having deeper astral travel at this time we are discerning how others are communicating with us through different levels and all information here should be written down and kept as it al has a story tot ell when you out it together.

The sun is in Virgo again radiating us deep awareness and as we find a balance between this and Pisces in our daily living. Virgos divine wisdom meets Pisces truth and these work well together. So it is wonderful we have a complimentary energy this moon. This works well for balancing relationships and areas of your life.

This also gives us a chance to empower our being from whence we once felt as victims and it brings us to the realization of us being survivors. Virgo gives the space for grounding while Pisces lifts us up that much more when we see the truth behind
it all lifting the veil . As you have it within you with all courage and faith and will to make things as you wish by choice. This has us seeing that only once forgiveness is given, is there then peace.

Mercury is transiting and this energy gives us a very positive frame of mind letting us know the we can do anything if we just choose to and by having humility in our choices and this mind will be that of the soft mind looking at the bigger picture and seeing the realistic approach to making the choices we do now from a super consciousness view has the most divine outcome.
Mars is in cancer sextile to venus in virgo giving divine intervention now for choices where action is needed where we relate to others and how we can fine tune those relations if they are not resonated as favorable. Perhaps you have some shortcomings in how you relate to others? Now is the time to witness them and transmute for a balance in your own experiential in your life for a balanced flow of giving and receiving.

Mercury ,Pluto and Jupiter and all in a grand trine further having us in call of the earth drum ,the heart beat of the earth mother is strong and calling us to witness the cyclic work of the elements in all areas of our life and how things work for us and change at any given time.
But most importantly as mentioned above how the elements work together on grand scale for the most divine outcome in our physical experience and on all levels.

Jupiter is in Taurus which went retrograde a while ago giving us energy to focus on our earthly home . Pluto goes direct on sept 16 and plus or minus five days you may have already felt the enormous impact of Pluto’s changing energy as Pluto rules change in our lives.

It has now released unforeseen amounts of photonic sparks on all levels asking us to make order of the chaos it has awoken so all the change can be made order and what is time to go ,ends at this time and what comes next is where we are meant to be.

Our little light lord Capricorn has us focusing on birth and transition and what it is at this time we truly need in our life, and where our priorities sit. Capricorn is asking us to put our hearts where we need to focus most and build a most healthy and sustainable way of living that has us keep growing and enjoying life and yet learning from our shortcomings all in one .

This grand trine is great for self inventory and to see what it truly is holding you back, but the truth is it is only you that holds you back, nothing else. Other things only give you excuses to hold back.

Venus is conjuncting Neptune in Aquarius retrograde giving an energy of adjustment or growth with love energy and this all he aspects mentioned above about relationships are also coming from this energy as it is very powerful at this time. The key here is it’s focus is forgiveness so do see where it is needed and do apply . Letting go of resentment is your only way for relationships to deepen if you wish them to and coming to a place where you can both communicate and resonate.

If resentment can’t be let go the relationship will close at this time .

This will open a new door for you with someone whom you do resonate with as what you are you attract to you, and what you are not you repel and this will be evident and a deep learning lesson. So if it is your partner who had resentment at you then you have the full benefit of this energy and they will get the lesson. So it is equally beneficial.

Neptune is planet of mystery and in a Yod to mars in cancer and venus in virgo sextile . A yod shows us what it takes to resolve a matter of incompatible energies and here venus and mars or masculine and feminine is asking us to look at where they can meet at a common ground and in a decision apply that and let it flow even if the common ground takes some deep searching within.

As the masculine is always the wisdom ,it takes the feminine to apply that wisdom and give birth to its seed of wisdom, so with these two working in unison or letting their unison flow and the mystery is that no more but only out in the open and if faith is found through utilizing the energy of mars and venus and incompatible energies can easily be resolved. If one realizes here I know what I am we see that nothing is paradoxical and or a mystery any longerand what a mystery to us is then transformed into a only its truest of forms.

Realizing it is pointless to dwell on indifference and realizing all just is what it is. And we are where exactly we need to be. Resolution however can only be found if you are open or conjoining parties are open and if not, then the virtue set forth must be patience till the other is open as keeping in mind this 12th house moon is all about endings and if there is no compromise found in the energies incompatible at this time you experience then a temporary or permanent letting go as in the energy as
12th house rules endings.

Mars is in cancer bi-quintile Chiron planet of healing in pisces conjunct to Neptune. Quintiles denote prominent areas of your chart for inner growth. So if you do read your own chart please see where Chiron falls for you. This will be your healing focus at this time The energy here is strong for making forward movements now in areas you felt perplexed you as release is possible because over the months you have grown with faith and that faith is what gets you through now what is perplexing you. .this gives us compassionate solutions for our healing.

So as we scintillate this full moon in all the earthly change we see through our eyes of spirit the changes that are to take us forward and with real magic the goddess has us doing just that. Let the real magic rain upon you and spiral you to new heights, after all that is what this full moon is all about! All about looking beyond the material through the surreal and witnessing the omnipresent spark of real magic upon our lives.

By Quantum Goddess Of Light