Talyaa Liera a message from Polaris channeled by Talyaa

Thursday, 1 September, 2011  (posted 12 September, 2011)


This month there is mounting excitement, the sensation of a growing underground wave that is nearly ready to burst free into glorious being. Everything is electric. The very air snaps with joyous expectation. Impatience for trending is on the increase. Everyone and every thing seems more alive, more awake, more on the prowl for What Comes Next.

Is this you? Did you wake up this morning wondering why the walls around you, your bed, your face all still look the same, because this morning – this morning – you were convinced that in the night, while you slept, you finally dreamed your Real Self and the Real World into being? Are you waiting for the world to catch up with your dreams?

Along with the excitement and anticipation of the manifestation of the growing undercurrent of change comes … disappointment. Impatience. Disconnection. Sadness. You can feel that you are ready – oh so ready! – to take the reins of your life and to step into the You that you have been dreaming into being, but … it's not there yet. Not quite. And so there is fear. Fear that the change will never happen. Sadness. Sadness that you aren't yet all that you know you can be. Anger. Anger that the world has yet to catch up with you, anger that the world has yet to catch up with itself.

And . Do not forget ! Underneath all those feelings of lack and disempowerment is real . Real ! Remember why you are here? Why you first took breath in this body? You are here because you chose to be. Right now! In this world, just as it is, in this . And why? Because you can make a difference. Your life has meaning. And there has never been a better time to bring that into being. Right now. This month, this week, this day, this . This breath. Now.

Take a moment. Close your eyes. Imagine in front of you the most delicious, luscious, juicy you have ever tasted. Look at it. The color of it, deep ripe color, bursting forth with life. This is your harvest! Now breathe in your 's delicious scent. Breathe it right into you, the scent of ripeness, of a glorious moment, of Now. Breathe it into you and down into your heart, your feet. Now feel your feet grow roots, right into the ground, soaking up all the rain and sun goodness that the soil has been collecting for years, waiting just for you, in this moment. Hold your now in your hand and feel its weight. You can almost taste it, this delicious heavy ripe just waiting for you, for the right moment. Bring your face right to it and breathe it in again. It is almost time. Almost time to take a bite, one juicy bite, a bite of YOUR , your delicious . You will taste it when the time is right. Know this and feel satisfied at the beauty of your inner harvest.

What to Expect This Month


Ahh, there is nothing like a little dichotomy to stir things up a little! How did you feel when you read above that you are almost ready to move into your harvest, into fruition, into the What Comes Next that you have been dreaming into being, but … not quite? Did you feel excited? Impatient? BOTH? When we approach major choice points, points of change that have been long in the making, it can be easy to step into the expectation of that fruition as having already happened. And why not? You can feel it, smell it, almost taste it. It feels real, doesn't it? And yet it has not become its complete self. It is still your dream, and you are still creating it.

So…let it be. Breathe again in the moment. Remember that there is time.

So! On a personal level, there will be, well, impatience. Eagerness to get started. The desire to get the show on the road, to step into What Comes Next. Of course, on many levels you are always already doing this, but as the Equinox approaches this sense seems to hit more strongly. Something is about to change, and YOU want to be in control to make it happen, to initiate, to taste your fruit.

Resist. The. Urge. To. Push.

This may lead to frustration. , be frustrated. Breathe. You may feel angry. Fine! Be angry! Breathe! You may feel afraid. Fine! Feel your fears. Breathe. You may feel sadness. Fine. Feel sad. Breathe.

You MAY feel joyful. Hurrah! Breathe, oh breathe it in.

P.S. Remember that everyone else is going through this as well this month. Breathe for them as well.

Affirmation: I AM the source of all that is wonderful in my life.


Oh me, oh my, aren't we having fun? Relationships turn a corner this month. Move into the sublime. People will just seem awesome this month. Really. Spectacular. More beautiful and more perfect than ever before. This isn't your personal set of rose-colored glasses – what happens this month is that you are able to see into other people's hearts. You see them for themselves, as they are, without all the trappings of fears and protections they normally wear. And guess what? People are amazingly, heartbreakingly beautiful. Every last one of them. See for yourself!

And guess what this does for relationships? Where things were good, now they are great. Where things were rocky and challenging, now there is compassion. Where you were once lonely, now you feel the courage to expand your ripples outward and approach others for connection.

This is a month of beginnings, and of strengthening. Make the most of it.

Affirmation: I AM touching the hearts of all who I see around me.


Conversely, communities face challenges this month. As each of us inches closer to tasting our fruit of dreaming-into-being, we seem to forget how to work in connection with one another. In the flush of love and connection in relationship, we forget how to be with one another in a group. No matter. This will pass into yet another merging and forging time. Extend your compassion of self to others in your communities. Keep your heartlight extended around you to keep you safe when walking lonely streets; communities in flux often attract acting-out of fears and frustrations through increased violence, theft, and other social warfare activities. Keep your wits about you as you travel, and remember to look into the hearts that are worn on the faces you see, for that will connect you to the inner humanity of each and every person you encounter, friend or foe.

Affirmation: I AM the soul of my community.

Global Politics

We are heating up! Increased personal satisfaction brings about ripples of change throughout the planet, which includes political upheaval, activism, demonstration and other surface manifestations of the getting-ready feel we are all experiencing on a personal level. Look for a little chaos this month. Surprising political candidates in the U.S. Political scandal in . Death in . Everywhere there is change – as always.

Let change this month be the beacon of what it is you seek for the future.

Affirmation: I AM connecting my political communities to the heartbeat of the planet, with each breath.

Earth Changes

This month is about fire. Underground fire: volcanic activity. Over ground fire: wildfires threatening populated areas. Fires burning in urban places, man-caused and man-hurting. Fire is our way of burning clean, of creating renewal, of nourishing the planet. As the Equinox approaches, remember that fire is the spark of life that we all yearn for, the bright spinning star so far in the heavens that we aspire to reach, to touch, to savor. Let this month's fire spark your own personal renewal.

Affirmation: I AM holder of the spark of creation of the universe.

Global Spiritual Changes

Let this month be part of your personal jumping-off place, your launching pad to your own spiritual greatness. Breathe in the works, the words, the spirit of one this month, the one that calls to you in your deepest being, that nourishes your soul. Treat yourself to your own spiritual divinity this month by honoring the sacred within you, becoming your own wisest . Allow your breath to wash the faces of those closest to you, washing them in joy and connectedness. Create your template for spiritual enrichment in the future, your plan to honor your inner divine and connect more deeply to your internal compass. Let someone help you with this, to walk with you and be your anam cara, your soul friend. Be the soul friend to someone else. We all walk this path together.

Global changes again ratchet skyward, taking quantum leaps and increasing the overall vibratory levels of the planet. These are exciting times to be alive. Your job is to live as well as you can, to live as close to your own divine state as you dare to. Why not dare to reach the starts? They are within your grasp.

Affirmation: I AM the divine that walks the heavens.

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