29 September 2011

Channeler: Gaia's Daughter of Truth

Much attention and concern is being directed towards the these days. , sunspots, mass coronal ejections (MCE) and so on. Like all this activity was new, when really it has always been occurring. It may be more active, more frequent, even more intense than before, but the is simply regulating itself like it has always done.

This solar activity can be worrisome as far as your is concerned. You live in such a wired world than any disruption in your satellite systems can create havoc. Any glitches, malfunctions even complete shutdowns occur when the sun acts up too much. That disrupts communications, systems, even , just too name a few. You are so utterly dependant on these things that the mere thought of solar-induced disruptions spreads panic throughout the world.

Rest assured, We will stay away from technology talk, for technology does not matter to Us at all. We are much more concerned about you.

Have you noticed anything different about yourself (and others) when the sun acts up? Periods (usually a few days) where you seem struck by major bouts of clumsiness, where door frames seem to move from their original spot or somehow shrink, where you suffer from unexplained migraines/headaches, nausea (even vomiting), where you have trouble focusing or retaining information, where you are either easily irritated/impatient or "hurt" (crying or feeling sad for no at all).

Just like you are influenced by the phases of the moon, you are affected by the natural actions of the sun and everything around you. It should come to no surprise really, for you have always reacted to its effects. You simply may not have been aware of that fact.

The thing is, you are becoming more attuned. Like We have said before, you have upgraded your antenna, and what used to be fuzzy, noisy interference is now coming in as a crystal clear .

Now you may not understand all that you hear yet. You may not yet be able to make sense of that signal. Just give it time. Be patient and gentle. You will eventually be able to unscramble the messages if you will.

You all have a different ear, so the same signal may translate into something different depending on who you are.

For instance, not all of you will experience all the symptoms listed above. But some of you do. And some of you feel the effects of the sun differently.

It has been quite an active week solar-wise. We mostly focused on alone time and quiet (technology-free) time. We did this for a reason.

You see, the more calm, quiet, peaceful, rested and balanced you are, the more immune you are to the (ill) effects of the sun (or any change in ). You will still experience some discomfort, you will know it is going on because you will not feel quite like yourself in a very specific way. Still, you will not completely be incapacitated.

For example, the Messenger was fairly rested this week, she was good at handling external stress from work (the elements she has no control over), so while her migraine and nausea were unpleasant, and she still had some trouble focusing (and all gave her a bad time, she had butterfingers…), it was still one of her best MCE days so far in this Earthly year.

However, a few weeks ago or so, her work was extremely stressful, so she was quite tense, had trouble sleeping, and was not as diligent with her meditation and nature connection because she felt unbalanced. When the solar flare hit the Earth that time (she senses solar activity both as it occurs on the sun and when it hits this planet), her migraine and nausea were unbearable, she vomited… While it started during the night, it lasted 5-6 hours during the day. It was not pretty.

Still, she knew what was going on, for it was about the fifth or sixth time this year she was this "ill" this year. She knew the cause and why the symptoms were so "bad". She also knew that the physical ills were a manifestation of something else. A type of cleanse, processing, healing, blooming. So she surrendered to what was, even if it felt like dying.

For you see, after the "purging" is done, she feels exhausted but fine. She can get out of bed, open the fridge and eat a regular meal, complete with dessert, and everything tastes great and stays down. She is even well enough to do things, even if she feels physically weak, her spirit feels uplifted.

It is obvious to her it is not a virus or food poisoning, because it feels so much different. She knows herself and her body quite well and can tell the difference between a "natural" ill, and a solar-induced one. (or any "energetic" ailment).

Your new bodily reactions to the natural cycles of the planets/ universe (energy) is one of the reasons we keep reminding you to slow down, do less, be alone, meditate, unplug…

For great self-knowledge is vital to navigate happily and safely in this new world/energy of yours.

Yes, you can subscribe to space alerts that tell you when the sun is having a field day, but with self-knowledge, these alerts should only serve as a confirmation of what your body has already told you.

That vessel of your always tells you all you need to know – no battery, electricity or required. Time is the only thing you need to master its unique language.

Living in harmony with yourself in as much gentleness as you can will help you stay stead no matter rocks this Earthly boat (internally or externally).

Self-knowledge is like a powerful personal sunscreen against solar activity and anything else going on in this world of yours. Only it can not be bought, it must be acquired with… time.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone

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