15 September 2011

A few days ago, I [Michelle] posted a very short message on face-book, here is a recap of that message, then I will elaborate on the fundamental REASONING behind why any outside entities would prefer to help us, rather than not!

My Previous Status Comment:


1/ they don't care about anyone NOT EVEN THEIR OWN KIND

2/ They Have no love, No real Power except Money and their going Bankrupt!

3/ They cheat not only us, they cheat each other.
= where their is NO LOVE – THEY GOT NOTHING

That was just a short message based on the current TIME-LINE as in the NOW moment, but let us explore the REASONING based on our future.

Their are a few key reasons so I will just list them below! Then give some elaboration further down the page.

1/ We know the dark cabals use people to get what THEY WANT, and only pay the minimum they can to achieve this. Then they discard us like an empty paint can when we no longer serve their as appears to be happening presently with the dwindling wages, and services cut backs.

2/ They are motivated by SELF INTEREST and have never shown LOVE for the people, only contempt as we are now known to them as USELESS EATERS.

3/ QUESTION:, Why would an external force of E.T.S choose to help us, even if their are some among us who are war like and are willing to go along with crimes against our brothers and sisters ?

Answer:, It makes a lot of sense based on the historical records that our evolution has not been by accident. Much of what we are today is due to and Guidance both spiritually and physically some call this the GOD equation, much has not been for the good with orchestrated wars, and foul play being divised to keep us in conflict also with our own immediate brothers and sisters.

4/ However we have up to this point been guided by good external forces and this may change based on the recent ideology of creating . Using the Micro Chip and Implants, this may very well lead humanity into a very dark age if it is not prevented from happening now!

Lets explore the details that the dark cabals, science and so far has been very much on a neutral ground, at least as far as enslaving our minds totally.

As we can still spend much of our time as we wish, however this could change for the worse if we allow it, as it has already started to happen. Yes we have been hypnotised by the media, our technology has stolen our freedom by keeping us in bondage to the only reality the media and the cabals want us to be aware of.

Now we are close to losing our minds because many have forgotten who they are. I am of coarse speaking about the population who have not realised they are caught in this matrix, many of us are awakened and know the score. Let us just look at where we are heading IF intervention does not take place!

Imagine what would happen if the "MIND CONTROL" went to a whole new level, and we we're all micro-chipped, no longer having "INDIVIDUALITY". Their fore becoming a "collective force to be reckoned with", with one mission in our new existence. As slaves to serve the will of Satan i.e. the elitist rulers of planet earth? This thought does not bear thinking about, yet their are those planning this very scenario. We were warned by Movies like the MATRIX, and other movies about MACHINES taking over such as TERMINATOR, only they want the next best thing human mind control.

An ARMY of humans no longer with free will, used by these cabals for the next phase to conquer the universe, NOW TELL ME it is not in the Interest of our space brothers and sisters to Intervene and help us out while their is still time?

Of coarse their is more to this than just the physical aspect, as spiritual beings why would a SOUL choose to incarnate into a host body that has no FREE WILL?

I have been made aware we all live in a FREE WILL ZONE all the planets are fundermentally designed to allow for growth of the SOUL and an expansion of consciousness, YET, what the dark is planning goes completely contrary to this and kind of defeats the whole point of being here in the first place! does it not?

Simply put the souls purpose incarnates on earth to evolve, to learn lessons, to experience, choice's with a congruent desire to better itself. This is were we get into the philosophical aspect of yes you guessed it the SPIRITUAL WAR as described in your Bible, the darkness or evil is actually being driven by technology, sadly most of us never saw it coming.

Basically we have two choices to embrace technology as our process, or recognise that the only true path that gives humanity free will is the Natural way through meditation using NATURAL psychadelics NOT that I condone the use of drugs as they can be very harmfull and I certainly have never dabbled with them myself so cannot elaborate personally on their effects.

What we do need to recognise is we have been slowly desensitised over hundreds of years, this goes back a very long way when you consider how anyone with THE SIGHT was burned at the stake for being a witch in the middle ages, you can see how our natural abilities have been under attack now for a very long time.

Today it is not the STAKE that is the advent of our demise, but chemical poisoning, GMO, and Vaccines that cause a lot of damage to our DNA from the moment we enter into this world, this is why INTERVENTION has now become a nessesity to save our species from total destruction.

In view of this damage, and lack of connectivity to source most of us do now need assistance from true light beings from outside our planetary domain this is were our space brothers and sisters can and ARE in fact assisting us, yet we are constantly fed fear to stave off their arrival. Why you ask would this prevent their arrival?

Partly this is due to lowering our vibrational frequency, fear, hate, anger, all these emotions effect us in ways that damage our ability to be centred spiritually and in tune to the truth we feel from our heart centre's. Yes we are under constant attack from all directions yet most fail to see this.

Lets say, you had been told lies all your life that a close relative was a raving murdering madman, and every day you worried about this relative coming to visit you? And lets say your relative new how afraid you were of them, end they LOVED you very much, would you think they would just show up one day on your door step knowing you might yell and scream in terror upon their arrival?

Their are also other aspects to this yet to be seen, our vibrational frequency is finite, and so our our space family they have a difficult time being around lower vibrations this is another reason why we are constantly being kept in low vibrations by the darks spell put upon us, so it is time we stopped allowing this effect upon us and recognised what being in low vibration actually does to us.

This is the great deception, those in control of our lives do not want to relinquish this control, and will do whatever it takes and in fact have tried every trick in the book to maintain this deception.

Their are many video's on you-tube and many articles on the Internet that speak of using Technology to help us, Implants that monitor our heart rates and respiration this all sounds attractive. Yet so did the TROJAN HORSE until it was realized their were beasts in it's belly, does not technology ALWAYS start off with something small, and useful?

The Telephone for example was useful to us when it was first invented so we could talk to each other over great distances, now the Internet and data can travel down telephone lines, we can even control the cooker, the Garage door through this .

So far most of these advances have served us for the good, but the next phases they are planning ARE BY NO MEANS good.

We are quite literally on the cliff edge right now, the cusp of where technology can be used to enslave all humanity if we do not wake up and prevent this from happening.

Our space brothers and sisters, do care about us, if this was not true, then all they have to do is DO NOTHING and wait for humanity to be enslaved by technology and THEN TAKE CONTROL of us. Also another flawed logic that enslaving Man Kind with TECHNOLOGY is not immune from EXTRATERRESTRIAL intervention, is another reason why the cabals will fail.

These reasons are perfectly logical when you realise how they can shut down nukes, and missiles from great distances so based on this new reasoning I simply ask you.


Hope you enjoyed this reasoning, and by the way they told me to tell you all this, it came to me as SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE Blessings and NAMASTE

Written By Chelley aka ORTOREA