within each arising moment

there is a 'conscious "

to be made….


to re-connect with your

and allow that love to flow you

as you…


I and my are One

is a very powerful statement…

in that choice to ~be that one~

the floodgates of the

open and the radiance of abba's

love can flow thru you

and hold "others" in that love in

such a way that love itself

can awaken that soul….


this is the very power that exists within you



yet one must come to dissolve the little

so that this river of grace can flow thru

you unimpeded….without the restriction

of the doubts and fears of the false self

that has become for many the master…


the number one attribute of a true Master

is ~fearlessness~

the discovery that fear has blocked

the heart of its "home" within you

opens up the inner eye to the real world

that abides within you …


as you meet each arising fear

within the "presence of love"

it literally dissolves around you….

why would this be so….



you are the light that lights this world…


who else could it be…????


you are the one who is "here"…



now…to take on my cloak is to

walk in this knowingness

and to share it with the world

by ~being it~…


notice dear one's i said

"being it"…


if you would but step forward into your

Christed Shoes that have always

had your name on them…if you would begin

your day by knowing they are yours

and assuming complete responsibility

to be that love

oh…precious hearts…miracles…joy

will be your now….



this day….allow all feelings to arise within you

and notice …simply observe when you

find yourself in judgment or fear of

~what is~…


right there….make a new choice…


choose love….if you need to…choose it

over and over again…


each time…within your heart state out loud..


I and My Father are One…


I am the Light that Lights this world…


i bring my Fathers love thru me

to all within me that arises unlike that love itself…


thus…within ME

is the Power to Transform All Things…


yes…hear me well and shout it to the sky…

thru me lives the very power

~to transform all things~


when i feel fear….i will choose to love it…

when i …i will love myself and choose again…

when i feel alone…i will choose to enter the

sanctuary of the heart where i will fill

myself with the Love I am…


for dear ones…there is only One here…

and each one is you…

it is for you to love ~all of you~ that brings

you to the "space" where i abide…

~all of you includes that which arises

within you~


I know the beauty of who you are

for i know that my father brought you forth…

and i know the radiance and perfection

of the fathers love…


~what the father brings forth

can only be a mirror of itself~…


so the discovery of each of you

that are on the path to true


is to remember to love as god loves….


how does the Father love dear one…


it is for you to connect with that Divine Love

within any moment and then..


~move with that love….breathe with that love…

be the servant of that love~..


in these times you find yourself to be in

this practice of choosing to unite with the Fathers Love

before each decision….each choice…

to fill yourself with that love before you enter the day

or enter into any relationship

will allow you to be fully present within

each now…





OH…..dear one's…..

breathe that in deeply….take it in so deep

that it can hardly be contained and the spill out

of its truth

will touch all that you see…all that you do….

this…i assure you to be true…


with deep love…..and deep gratitude…..









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