2 September 2011

Channeler: Jonathan Martin

Tahinio Ra – Channeled by Jonathan Martin – 02 September 2011

Sharing! lifting up to new levels of perception in your is challenging the old beliefs as you come out of patterns inherited to you from streams of thought handed down from generation to generation for eons of time. Great things upon us now are raising conscious vibration levels to a new perspective of truth and well being. For in this situation now on your planet we become aware of changes about to transpire on your front, the crest of sweeping across your planet now. For we are one, we are the , all working behind the scenes and upon your planet in concert with one another in a mass co-creation of light levels never before revealed on your planet.

For now is the time to lift yourselves up, leave behind the worries and ideas that have held you down in the lower levels of consciousness. let go, let go, let go, because these ideas serve you no longer. Now is the time to let your reality unfold before you, unfold before you as it was always intended from the day your consciousness separated from the and began its divine journey in dense 3D realms of consciousness. It was never intended that you would drop down to such a level, but now that it has occurred, now the unthinkable has manifested, the lessons have been learned and there is no need in your universe ever again for consciousness to steep to such low levels of densification and hurt on your planet.

Now is the time to lift your selves up; up, up, up to a new dimension, a new realisation of perceptions, creativity, insight and inspiration, of love love and nothing but love. For this is the vibration of what all things are made. Fear, hatred, disillusionment are merely part of the illusion you created for yourself. But they serve you no longer, so now is the time to realise that you are love, you are light, and you have never really been anything else, for it was never in any real substance anyway, it was a figment of your imagination dreamed into the hyperspace reality you called your . But now the has passed, and the new perspective of hyper consciousness is the new now. The new reality you perceive before you. So let the old ways go, let the old ways be, what they were, and realise that they serve you no longer. Do not fear, do not worry, do not hold on to your old perspectives of your old paradigm because you need them no longer. All you need is love and trust, you need not think about should I do this, or should I have done that, or what will happen if I do this or what would have happened if I had done that. Because these thoughts have no substance, the only thing that has substance is the now, so forgive the , look to the future, and live in the now. Now is all there is, all there ever has been, and all there ever will be. For thine is the kingdom, thine is the glory, and now is the time to live it!.

For now of your time, we leave you with this, our thanks, our blessings, and our sincere apology for what we have led you to believe in the past, for we are your creators as you created us. The now is all there is so all things are only created out of the now, for there never really was any past or this happened or that happened, only what you believe happened. We have in the past informed you that certain things happened, to keep you in a positive reality, to steer you away from forming a reality you would not prefer when you were in a mindset that the past was a reality that was fixed but it never has been. All creation is created in the now, and you can create any past or future you wish, we can be evil or we can be love, what do you prefer? You create your reality and you create now whatever you wish, the world can be solid the world can be hollow, love can rule your planet, or otherwise. All things are malleable, nothing is set in stone, nothing is chiseled in . You are the creator, period. And you create your future and your past from here onwards, in the now. In this now, and this now, and this now. That is 3 separate parallel universes all created by you, impressive huh? So we leave you now to create at will, the most beautiful dream of reality you can imagine, now and in to the future, now and forever, as you are infinite eternal beings of light so good night, and do not forget we are with you here onwards and for ever more in this beautiful dream of reality creation you call earth and beyond. You are the Infinite, good night, Shivai. Essasani, Tahinio Ra, Signing out, Shivai! Sharing!