5 September 2011

Channeler: Wes


Wes: My dear Ascended Masters and friends, I wish to have a conversation with you on this most beautiful and cool of nights. I must thank you for the wonderful weather we've had today in my area, we haven't had a perfectly chill day like this in what feels like ages.

Ascended Masters: , you are so very welcome! Remember that it was not all ours but in fact your manifestation abilities that help bring your happiness into being. We are so happy to watch you enjoy Life in such ways, as for many Life on Earth had been deemed unbearable. We have wished you all to know for a millennia that it is not so, Earth is a wonderful planet to be incarnate on despite the difficulties of incarnating there. Just the gift of Life is one that should be cherished every moment!

Wes: Agreed friends, thank you. I have a question from a dear soul tonight:

"I have a question for the Ascended Masters concerning house pets (cats). I remember that in the Telos books, Adama or Sharula Dux, said that animals from Telos had lost their aggressiveness because they feed them vegetarian . What would be the best raw vegetarian , that supplies all the nutrients needed for the cat I found a few weeks ago? I am asking because I really don't resonate with the vibration of meat that is "recommended" for cats. Also I would greatly appreciate any insight on why is the cat becoming aggressive when trying to pet her and where has she been through before arriving here as she seems older in age.

Thank you, much love"

AMs: As far as down in , there are many factors that make the animals of a less aggressive nature. We can say that the non-consumption of meat is definitely a huge part of their peaceful nature. is also an ascended land, and the animals feel and feed of of the Harmonious Life Force that covers every area of . It is wonderful as many of the animals you have all been taught to fear are actually beautiful creatures and souls, and down in and in other ascended lands these beautiful souls are recognized for their true essence, instead of the lower aspects that prevail in so many animals on Earth. We can say that many animals are beginning to grow out of their former aggressive nature, as they are growing and ascending to new heights just as you are. As far as the best raw vegetarian food, any food of a Lighter nature is going to be immensely helpful to your dear feline friend, and you will find that you are seemingly magically guided to the right foods for both you and your cat.

Many animals were of a quite higher, some would say ascended nature when they incarnated on Earth, and many cats, squirrels, rabbits and other types of animals purposefully chose to incarnate in what you would call 'urban' areas for the purposes of growing and learning from those incredibly difficult areas. It is much the same reason humans choose to incarnate on Earth, as the difficult situations on Earth result in much knowledge and strength. As a result of incarnating in these urban areas, many dear souls be they humans or cats have to experience a lot of happenings that are of a lower nature. The souls that are cats are very advanced creatures who, when exposed to darkness for so long can find themselves a bit skiddish and nervous around other beings. This is the reason your cat is acting out dear soul, it has been exposed to much violence and as a result has trouble trusting anyone. Reach out to this dear cat more than you already have, communicate with it's (her?) soul and show that you are of a peaceful and Loving nature and that you only mean the best for your dear cat. You will find over time that your cat naturally accepts you and will begin to show you the Love you have been waiting for.

Wes: Thank you answering that question dear friends. I too had a cat as a child that was exposed to much negativity in her Life. I wish I could say I knew where she was but I do not anymore.

AMs: Rest assured dear friend, your former cat is safe and vibrant in the higher dimensions. She has outgrown Earth and rediscovered her origins with her passing into Nirvana.

Wes: That is very comforting friends, thank you. I wish to ask you about the fact that many of us are opening up to and rediscovering our abilities to astral project or . I noticed as of recently I have been finding myself more and more in these lands, and with the ability to access them has come such a personal freedom. Would you care to comment friends?

AMs: We would certainly Love to friend. First off, we would like to remind you that your interacting in the astral planes did not suddenly happen, you have been working on solidifying this connection for months (of earthly time) now. With the recent powerful shifts in and the continued anchoring of your higher self into your physical body, you have begun to truly feel your presence in these higher planes of reality, and this is only the beginning of your venture back into the higher vibrations. Many souls are now discovering they can 'see through' realities and enter different planes of existence at will, we wish you to know that this is because you are inching ever nearer to the higher dimensions. Many of you are now finding yourselves exploring your own personal astral planes, be them lower or higher planes, and this is a result of your hard work in clearing all of your lower bodies so you could feel this anchoring of Divinity fully in yourselves.

Wes: Thank you dearly friends. I would now like to ask you about the energy surrounding the bugs and insect lifeforms that are around us. Do they resonate at a higher frequency? I know they are lower dimensional beings in nature, but behind the lower dimensional bodies are they advanced souls? I ask because being outside in the evening and hearing the bugs chant is very therapeutic. I feel their chants resonating in my crown chakra, and the feel of the chants uplifts me.

AMs: We would like you to know that the bug kingdom is like the human kingdom in very many respects. There are certainly ascended souls incarnate as insects on your world, but even for the advanced souls the lower vibrations their bodies feed off of can take over. Once they disembody they remember themselves fully, as humans do when they pass on. As far as their chants go, they use chanting much the same way you use mantras, they chant this beautiful music and doing so strengthens their connection to the energies they once knew quite well, but as of late had forgotten quite a bit.

There are many insects that the lower vibrations don't 'get to', and they are of quite an ascended nature even in their earthly forms. Bees are a good example of these types of insects. Without bees, many species including humans could not survive on Earth. They work together to make the beautiful third dimensional form of the nectar that is present in the higher dimensions. These brave and noble souls carry their spears with them whilst in the outer worlds for protection, and they would rather pass on to Nirvana than stay alive in the earthly sphere knowing they hurt any soul with their spears, as they do not enjoy using them for any reason but will do so if for their protection or the protection of the pollen they carry. They are beautiful and wonderful creatures, and are certainly not to be feared at all.

Wes: Thank you dearly for communicating with me on this fine night friends, I enjoy scribing your words and feeling your higher energies.

AMs: Thank you dear Wesley, we are happy to be helping at this time.