22 September 2011

The Borning of a Rising Consciousness
Asthar Sheran

Beloved Sons of Light, I am Sheran and I come hereby to speak to the inner vibrations of your being.
Pay attention to your inner and break the bounces of dependency of any technical procedure regarding the pathway for your been used or taught by you.
The teaching is worth just when used in practice.
By practicing you have the expansion of your consciousness and vision, thus allowing each Lightworker to give the next step, to the next stage.
If you pay attention, you can see that a spiritual trade has been created, with the excuse of keeping your material stability, keeping the monetary value at first place.

The Source said not to be allowed by the to put any kind of obstacles, mainly monetary, that makes hard to others to reach the effusion of energies, and the transmission of teachings.
In order that everybody, without exception, could follow their lives as sons free from preconceptions and frontiers.
Beware of the power of an , a concept: Will it be good or bad?
Have you already stopped to think if you might be creating traps with the concepts, teachings and ideas about the Light?
Where are the connections and the filters?

Where is the evolutionary work that allows you to "know yourself"?
Reformulate the decrees, ask for Master's help, but don't expect that they develop on you what only you can develop inside yourself.
Don't create dependencies! Create Partnership, Love, Wisdom, Motion and Cooperation.
Make it by honest means, starting with each and every one of you.
This self work is extremely important; and for this reason the beloved says that 99% of all the Lightworkers are numb.
It is only missing attention from your side to what is happening within your inner worlds.
What are you nurturing, sustaining and implementing in your inner lives?
Look around you, and have an idea of what happens within you, through reflection (as in a mirror) of what is abroad.
Be in Light, within the Peace and Love of the Source that keeps and knows everything.
I am Asthar Sheran.

Channeled by: SOMOS LUZ EM AÇÃO (03/24/2011)