The via Ann, Sept. 16, 2011:

[Ann to the Council of Twelve: Are you on the line?]

Yes, dear. We are always on the line. You need only pick up the receiver to hear us. We are whispering in your ear throughout the day, helping you to make positive choices in the world of duality. Positive choices will eventually eliminate the world of duality, which is the irony and paradox of duality. We refer to one end of dualistic poles: negative and positive. How can focusing on one aspect of duality erase it? There really is only one pole – love. Everything that has the vibration of love is reality. Everything that has the vibration of its opposite—fear—is duality, which is another word for falsehood. Fear is the nightmare, or perhaps daymare is a better word.

If it feels good, do it! That was a slogan from the 1960s, and while it led to some unfortunate excesses, the principle is basically sound. If it feels good—meaning if your heart feels warm and expanded—do it. If it feels bad, meaning your heart feels tight and defended, you've made a fear-based choice.

You have read much lately about using the body as your gauge, and we would like to reinforce that. You have a built-in calibrator. It's your physical body, and yes, that's another irony of duality. Once in a physical body and living in the perception of duality, many people buy the illusion that they are their physical body. And then they proceed to negate the body as the source of sin.

Sin means missing the mark, by the way. It's just a misfire, so to speak. It's bad aim. Sin is aiming at the ground instead of the bullseye, and so your shot goes intentionally awry. You hit your mark, you were just aiming at the wrong thing.

When seen as the source of sin, people do all kinds of things to the body to dull physical sensation. But it's physical sensation that will keep you on course. By on course, we mean going in the direction of the light, hence the term "enlightenment." Your bodies are very wise. The more you attend to the health of your instrument, the better it will serve you in terms of daily life guidance. If it feels good, do it.

Of course, it's easy to over-do that as well. No need to fetishize the body or make it a shrine. It's a tool. Take care of it as you would a valuable piece of equipment, but don't worship it. It has to wear out someday, and when that happens, you'll let it go. But while you are using it, you might as well be conscientious about its care.

It wasn't easy to get one, you know. There was a waiting list. That may seem preposterous in light of the exponential increase in population in recent decades. But relative to all the souls who want to be here now, believe us, you won the lottery.

You will soon be introduced to other beings with different "models," so to speak. They will seem strange to you, but in some ways, they will be quite attractive for their efficient utility, if nothing else. Many life forms have been pared down to nothing but essentials over vast eons of time in evolutionary processes quite different from Earth's.

You have often wondered why wisdom teeth? Why an appendix? These are residual characteristics that in other worlds would have been discarded. But Earth is nothing if not earthy, and so there are various components of your body that simply come with the total package. It's an interesting ride, no? In any case, you have been privileged to have a seat at the best show in town, and by town we mean universe.

We would like to say that for those of you for whom the body is a travail, we understand your difficulties, and we walk with you in love. Call on us when you struggle. Tune in and see if you can breathe in the light. See if you can affect the experience of pain and discomfort with the awesome power of your mentality. Much is available to you all to make your ride more comfortable and comforted. We are here for you. Ask for our help anytime. Pick up the receiver. Love and light. The Council of Twelve.