25 September 2011

: jediguardian

As you sit and read this teaching, this first thing to understand, is that this is an illusion, all is an illusion, we are operating inside the matrix. Truth is relative to the observer.

I will be using terms, that will be specifically designed to provoke, to in-sight, and to challenge, using mythology as a basis.

Some will be greatly relieved by this, others will find this to be horrific, the ones who respond to this with negativity, examine them closely, as those, are the ones I will be bringing forth to Light, so that you can see them, for who they are

The title of this teaching was specifically designed, to in-sight, and to provoke, understand, that that also, will bring some to great peace, others it will be very difficult.

Ready to begin, then lets:

Who are the Creator Gods? In reality, they are all gods, some call them by the name Yahweh, others call her Sophia, others call them by Athena, Zeus, all are Creator gods, all are illusions.

They have held control of this planet for a very long time, building status of themselves, and demanding worship, in various forms, their intention, to keep you from embracing your power, by stealing your Light, and using it for themselves.

The and have amassed a large galactic fleet, and now, have a tremendous gathering of other civilizations backing them, in their approach of earth.

A lot of you have for the first time, felt silence, being disconnected from the Creator gods control. Free to choose, for the first time, for yourself.

Some of you have always felt a shadow at your back, someone or something, trying to thwart whatever attempts you were trying to do, manipulating your mind, distracting you, this was the Creator gods trying to step in, to control who you are.

Anyone, who seeks to control you, is part of the Empire, not, your friend, anyone who asks you to serve them, is a Dark Lord, not a Master of Light, a Master or Angel of Light, will always, direct you to the Source in your Self, and connect you to your own inner power, they will, never, ask you for service, to their own, personal, agenda.

We the guardians, do not do what we do out of service to a Slaved God, we do what we do out of choice, our Oath was signed, out of Choice, our intention, was out of choice, to Protect and , The Source, and to, when mankind was ready, re-connect them, to the True God, in each and every man and woman.

The lie that has been told, the greatest lie ever created, is that you were created, not creators, you are, just as powerful as the Gods, the reality is, you are Gods, and that is why they want you to serve them, for if, you embraced your connection to Source, if, you realized, that you are Divine Creators, not Divine Servers, they would lose complete control of this planet, and, all its resources.

But they are dieing, they are running, scattered around, searching for scraps, trying, as hard as they can, to put things back, into their agenda, but they are failing fast, and people are waking up, quickly.

The Guardians of the Earth, have amassed, enough support, that we are able, without, subterfuge, to speak directly against them. In fact, every attempt at their control, is immediately being dealt with on every area of the psychic and physical planes, we are pre-sent among you now, and the matrix is dissolving.

In the past, you would have view me as your enemy, and in that sense, I am the enemy to some, I am the enemy of the illusion, to put this another way, The Creator Gods, are like the Smiths or other Agents, in the Matrix movie, designed and created, to keep the matrix going, and pre-vent, people from waking up, so that, through their Light Generators, they can use you, to power their Empire.

But that shall not be. We are not made to be in serve, but of service. This is a vastly different way to live. A wise, rational, and responsible person or being, is always of service, to all, but in service, to none. You contain, within you, all the power you need, and all the you need, for you are Source made Complete.

Watch for anyone, who tries to get you, to bow down to them, who, in their actions, thoughts, and words, seek to "limit" your personal power, and especially, trust the feelings of your heart, for they know, that in your heart, your intuition, you can see them for what they are.

The Matrix is dissolving. Welcome to the beginning of a beautiful future.

We are the Guardians of Light, and we stand ready.