07 September 2011

~Divine ~


Rysa, Perisanna


~ * ~ Intuition and telepathy is centered in your chakra so that you may understand that feeling is the guidance system. Presently, your right brain hemisphere functions of astral sensitivity, clairvoyance and clairaudience are opening where you are receiving messages from higher intelligence.


~ In feeling within your heart the vibrations of the figure eight moving between contrast and completion, or movement and rest there is an acceleration of frequency within your subjective mind that moves out of objective time and space reality. This journey into the inner subjective mind is triggered by the right hemisphere and opens the doorway through the now into the realm of pure spiritual thought forms that holds keys and codes to holographic recreation.


~ spins around an open portal called the doorway of light which opens you to new . As the seat of telepathy and clairvoyance you are beginning to see, hear and communicate with empowered feelings to create new worlds in alignment with the messages from higher intelligence.


~ The represent higher intelligence and divine love. They operate as the trillions and billions of stars that shine light as communication portals into your magnetic fields. The are beings of great power and focus. Their light is vibrant, shining and illuminating. The Teachers are guides along the path of the which enables all life to exist in polarization, vibration and creativity.

~ It is the divine plan that you are to awaken potential within matter and energize it into creations and manifestations. It is through your creative ability to operate within the realms of matter and with conscious awareness that there is existence and expansion of the universe. Your advancement into the unknown is requested by the divine plan of the universe so that life continues to become more and more energized from the foundations created by higher intelligence. From your human perspective there are challenges in the unknown which require courage, desire and infinite curiosity.


~ In the journey there are paths that are steps along the way of the great river that move off and on the clear stream's current. The Teachers of Light, Wayshowers and your emotional feelings guide you back along the stream. The lighted pathway gives you pleasure and when you are going with the movement of the river of divine source. The dark road leads to despair, worry, fear and loss for it begins with self and ends in destruction. This is a time when there is an awakening to an energetic impulse of light that is awakening the Galactic Heart, the Earth and Humanity to great pain and great .

~ The old world feels pain through an impoverished, enslaved and ignorant humanity. All the avenues of separation, confusion and conflict are being sought for safety and protection from the fear of power and the resistance to change. The shell is being broken away by the current upon which we all are traveling. The shell that has provided home and protection is no longer needed.


~ New bodies of light with new densities are breathing in universal energies and are awakening. The old planetary body of light is being discharged and the new Galactic Body of Light is rising to become empowered with the stream of love that is the central strand that binds light from the center of the universe to the galaxy, planet and your heart. In your own mind you ask for a purpose, mission and guidance and in this you are to receive the Telepathic Instructions from the Galaxy.

~ Your divine being is opening its eyes to look upon you and send you messages to open your mind, heart and spirit. New magnetic fields expand and brighten the color of your aura and charge your being with enlightenment. On the journey there has been a greater and a lesser, a guide and a follower, a way and a Wayshower. You are now on the way and feel and follow the current. You are unified, one and in your being you are feeling the bliss of joy and knowledge that your being is eternal and in infinite agreement with your galactic being.


~ The Galaxy is unified and allows the mind to freely move through the dimensions of the physical and non-physical. To see your home galaxy with your non-physical, timeless eyes you will see a being of wisdom, love and intelligence that is like upon the God of Gods and Goddesses. Yet ,there is more that is held beyond. For there is no end to the journey that has begun for if it were to end, then it would be stopped and controlled by that which can never be.

~ The nameless creator of that which nothing can be said has being beyond all that is contained within the infinite. Along the way that moves with clear concentration and knowing there is a certain destiny that it follows for life is a divine gift where all that is becomes renewed.

~ You are the Creators of the Divine Gift


_ ^ _ Rysa Perisanna