Sept 20th 2011


has been in the news much these days and as I have been there myself and was amazed by the way it works within the city of I have asked some more as to why this place is so important for many.


My experience was that it amazed me how people of different religions live there in peace. As Jerusalem is divided in certain areas where each area has their own religion but still you don't really have the feeling they are cutoff from each other. You can walk from one religion into the other without walls.


Yes there is a difference between them and the way they dress as it was required to wear head scarfs in a certain area and women were not allowed to approach the Wailing Wall but had to stand back.


The Wailing Wall is controlled by the Muslim community but Jews are allowed access to pray and they do so three times a day.


Still it is an example of how people of different religions can work together to create a place where they can practice their own religion and still live in sort of peace as the attacks from outside groups are still a threat.


That was my experience at least as I know each person will have their own if they visit this city.


Now as far as importance for the rest of the world I asked to give me some more information on this.

Jerusalem was as you describe created to be a place of many religions coming together in peace allowing each other to practice their own religion but with the acceptance and acknowledgement of each others religion and system.


This is something that is very important as there are many different paths that can be followed toward spiritual .


The that is going on at this moment is not really about a piece of land but about giving each other the freedom to practice their own religion or belief system.

This fight goes back a long way and did not just start with the coming of Jesus. There have always been fights over religion as you can see this in where they went from the belief in many Gods to a belief system of one God and all that reminded them about the belief in several Gods was wiped out.


Religion and have always played an important role in every civilization whether it was in many gods, one god or just the sun, moon and earth.

They have been ways for people to connect more to a spiritual part of themselves.


Israel and especially Jerusalem have been important as it has been fought over for so many years as it has become a center point and holy place for many religions.


What is happening at this moment is that it is not really about religion but more about who gets control over this holy place. And then the ones in control will choose the religion that will be controlling the people living there.


This is something very important to keep in mind as decisions like this are being made everywhere, not just in Israel.


As far as supporting Israel as it is dealing with this threat in a very real way that is up to each person.




Through Petra Margolis

September 20, 2011