2 September 2011

Today we would like to go further into details concerning certain upcoming events. There has been much talk about these already, and many are more than ready to read certain looming in the skies from what they have already seen out there. Let us explain. There is a certain planetary alignment that has some of you raising their shackles at the moment. It has been linked to the so-called &;end of time&; as prophesied by the mayas. As we have already stated, this so-called doomsday calendar is anything but, and first of all remember that it is not a calendar with which you can pinpoint a certain date. We must say we find it somewhat amusing to see how many of your fellow human beings are jumping onto this bandwagon of death and . Mind you, as we have made clear already, this upcoming process will certainly not be one all nice and rosy, but it is imperative to remember that this is not willful , only a rearrangement of energies that will restart your species. By that, we mean that although many, many of the current population on this planet will go into dark fear once this so-called show gets on the road, make no mistake about that, but you must all remember that this is a well-planned exercise put into action in order for the darker elements currently controlling your world to be extinguished once and for all. So yes, at least to them and those that follow in their footsteps, this will herald the total annihilation of their world as they know it. For others, namely those who have chosen to embrace the light, this will only herald the beginning of their true paradise. We stress this repeatedly, as you will all very soon see events unfold that may scare the light out of so many of you. Remember, this is not about a total of your planet and everything that lives upon her, it is about the of all of these old and ingrained corrupted patterns that needs to be removed once and for all. And as these forementioned dark forces have no plans of giving up their control just yet, let us just say that a forceful intervention has been deemed necessary.

As always, it can be difficult to keep one´s head clear when all around you literally starts to crumble. We refer of to both earth shattering events such as so–called earth tremors and other ”natural disaster”, but also to the fact that so much of the bedrock of beliefs that you have all build your lives on will disappear in an instant. Have you given any thought to what will happen the day all of this planets citizens for the first time see someone not of their own race showing themselves in all of their glory? You have spent so much time and so much money trying to find ”intelligent life out in the cosmos” as you normally call it. What will you do when that ”intelligent life” suddenly appears right in front of you and starts to communicate with you? And what do you do when you realize that they are in fact far, far more advanced than you as a species currently can claim? Will you do as they do in all of the films you have seen – namely run screaming to the hills, expecting to be annihilated by some sort of deadly weapon hitherto unseen on your planet? You must take some time to ponder these questions, for that day is looming in the very near future. And although we are well prepared for this, we know that so many will react ”just like in the movies”. The reason for this is easy to see, as we have already stated you have been programmed to react in just that manner by those controlling forces already in situ. That is actually quite ironic, as they are the ones you should have been running away from for such a long time, but they have been very, very clever in hiding themselves in full view as it were. But now the time has come for you to finally see the truth for yourselves, and it is best to be prepared.

As we have been saying, many will lose the grip on their sanity when they realize that they have been living on a lie for all of their lives. Yes, we do intend to use the plural here. Remember, this is a story that goes a long way back, and it was not yesterday when these dark ones arrived on your shores. They have been part of your setup for so long, you have been literally blinded to their presence, but now they are indeed running out of hiding places. Just remember that yours is not the task to decloak them, that is one of our priorities. In addition, we will make sure that the rest of you get the best opportunity to come through this turmoil still in one piece. Your mental state is of course what we are referring to here, but we cannot hide the fact that this is also something that will cause many a soul to leave their physical bodies. In some ways, it will be a sort of mass exodus as we have commented on earlier. Remember, this is also a natural part of this cleansing prossess, namely that of many leaving behind their old physical setups in order to return in one more easily adaptable to the new that will envelop your planet. More on that later on. For now, let us just concentrate on what you might expect in this upcoming period. And no, we will not give any specific dates. There is a certain specified timeframe for this already set up, but it can be changed at a moment´s notice. We do not say this in order to sound like the ususal prophets who go out on a limb crying wolf on a specific date, for later on to exonerate themselves and find a lame excuse for ”missing out on the date”. Rather, we think it will only make too many set expectations in your minds, and that is not a good thing. Let us just say that you will encounter many of these occurrences within a very short time-span, and as we have said so much has happened already. We are certain that so many of you have already seen several of your earlier pre-warnings coming trough, so you will know what to expect this time also.

Let us begin by talking about your celestial neighbor, namely the sun. She has been heating up considerably these last few months, and you need only to take a peek at what the scientists are discovering in her heliosphere to see that there is indeed a flurry of activities going on up there. So also down here, as you are in the firing line whenever she decides to fire off one of her shots. This may sound like banal talk, but as we have been describing in some details earlier, the particles emitted from your sun have a vast array of implications on your planet. It is literally barrages of information being hurtled your way every day, and now the intensity has multiplied. Do not think for a moment that this is a coincidence, it is in fact the first sign of the changes that will occur. Much of this information goes straight into your bodies and creates so much change in your physical setup. Remember the scientists have told you that the rays of the sun can be harmful because they can alter the coding in your cells in such a way that your skin can become cancerous? Do not think for a moment that this is what we are talking about here. Yes, what these rays do is actively rewriting the DNA, not just in your skincells, but also all of the other cells in your body. You are not about to go through just a skin-deep transformation, this is something that includes your whole body. This will sound scary to many, just remember that this is not about creating a disease, rather it is about removing one, namely that faulty and corrupt encoding currently residing in your genetic setup. If you do not think that this is possible, just cast a look at something called ”neutrinos”. Your scientists are more than baffled by these particles that can penetrate your entire globe without even slowing them down. Do you not think there are forces out there capable of penetrating your body to the core as well? And remember, these particles are here on a mission to repair, not destroy, even if there will be many messages in your media telling you otherwise. As you already know, many of these particles – and there are a whole host of different ones – do contain that will affect much of your society in a seemingly harmful way. We refer of course to the so-called electromagnetic storms that can and will interfere with , satellites and your power grid. Have you ever thought of how vulnerable your so-called modern society is? You are totally dependent of your power grid and of all of these appliances, not to mention how lost you all will be if all of the collective memory stored in your computers were to be deleted by just such an event. What would you do then? Do you think it would be a disaster, or would you think it a good opportunity to start with a clean slate? We ask you this because this is something you need to be prepared for. And again: what is your economy if not just numbers on a computer screen? We will leave you to ponder this for a while, but rest assured that we will return shortly with more.