10 September 2011

Channeler: El

"Hail to the Morrigan,
of the Land
Hail to the Moor-i-gahn,
Hail to the Morrigan,
Beat of the Drum,
Hail to the Moor-i-gahn."

For in the ages of the past, and to the future that you look, a tiny music is made in the forest, bended on Pan's lute, and as the Flute of golden reed, played in Harps and songs, a calling to all that was, was still, and is to be gone, but still we dance in this life, and play our golden flute, for the quests of all that have such trod, have trod this unto you, and you are who you say you must, to be and ever still, and in the space of your light, your humanity, and your will, for this is such and that is this, and turning we move beyond, for in the of the storm, the of life and blood.

For I am Great Morrigan and I have walked, The Faery Queen of Silk, not Salt, who guide you to ride the storm, and ride your hearts desires, for in the essense of the woods, among creature faint and small, I rise beyond the grave of death, to send the North Wind on.

For all your mythologies have not
Nor have the sought or ceased
And in your courage to belong, to an ever present ,
you have sold your soul to cash, and cashed into into reed,
a reed that makes your stone your walls, your prisons, and your need,
for you will see that when the storm passes,
cleanses from past before,
you shall be more than you were,
or ever thought before,
for in the pearl that lies inside,
your ever growing hearts reside,
and in the miracles beyond the lies,
the Chaos calls you home.

For science shall not save you nor, all your fantasies,
for in your misinterpreting of prophecy,
you have set yourself to flee,
and flee you want to run away from your self, its True,
but all that you are is beauty still, and that is pure, and blue,
For you are not alone in this, nor shall you be this night,
for the animal kin that walks the world, with their souls in flight.

And the oceans that contain the dolphins, the flora, and the silt,
and all the mermaids of time before,
beckon you now, come in.

And all the dogs, and cats, and lions, badgers, bears, and trees,
life beyond life its true, they call you now, be free.

For have you not been called before, and shall you not be called again,
to walk the ways of Love and , among those of the Land,
for the White Tiger comes, and the Dragon Soars,
and all the Snakes they twist about, to hear,
The Lions roar,
and all the elk, and deer, and cattle,
whom you thought as dumb,
Come now from the place of reverence, awake,
To be and become.

And if you want in half-awake, or half-not asleep,
It might behoove you to remember,
Your path was not of greed,
but remembering now, that the land, your Mother and your Light,
Shall provide for you, all your needs, if you but let go, and try,
For her earth, you could call it, but it is more than gold,
from the wealth of her source,
Universes explode, implode,
for she is the Life breath, and the Pulse,
The Resounding Stream,
She is the Mother of life itself, beyond the dreamy dream.

And I am the Morrigan, Faery Queen, who guards the sacred land,
and I have come to protect Our Mother,
From the god-man's hand.

For as you rise to grander heights, forgetting what was here,
I the crone of long before hold sacred what is dear,
and all that walks upon my earth,
and all that have walked before,
come now to feed and succor the children,
With Tales of the Goddess's Warmth.

For nothing you have done is wrong, save this most potent Truth,
that you have seperated yourself from the land, the Source, The Mother True,
and from separating from life itself, and all your other kin,
you have sought to be as Gods, to terrorize all the land,
but the Animals know far better than you,
The Truth of what is great,
For long before you rose upon, to your mindly state,
They walked this earth, and walked it great,
and made a path thats True,
and life was full of paradise, dreams that could come True,
For nature was free to work her magic,
Underneath the stormy blue.

I am the Great Faery Queen, and now I come to you,
but it is not you whom I seek only to comfort, love, guide, and heal,
but all the creatures of the earth, you have maimed and killed,
For they are beauty and regal and light, and Goddess through and through,
And wise they are in their remembrance, of the simplicity of the Truth,
It is simple, I must say, that if you can work in accord,
With the Earthly cycles of life, you might afford,
And avenue far greater than you imagined,
beyond your shameless greed,
You might even begin to revere,
The animal life as the Seed.

For they have knowledge you do not,
A simplicity and a key,
A key you have long forgot, that kept you from being free,
A key of imagination, life, and light, without buildings made of stone,
Harbor not yourself within these walls,

For I am The Faery Queen of life, light, love, and morn,
The Dancing of my Drums they call, the children to their home,
For as the rising of my light, shall enter their hearts in True,
A land of beauty where faery resides, in this place of blue,
For the faery realms we walk among you, as we have done before,
To reclaim our home, and heal it with,
the Crystal stones of yore.

For the Crystal stones, and Crystal Palaces, and Crystals that attune,
are the energy of life itself, my dears, upon this planet blue,
and you have torn down the halls, and all our crystal thrones,
But I Queen Morrigan have come, to reclaim,
The Crystals as our Home.

And as what once was built, is torn unto the ground,
Our palaces of life and light, shall rise and be born now,
And a new way of Love shall emerge from the Chaos True,
No more of your poisoning or death, will be given unto you,
For the veils of seperation do not exist, save they be made by you,
And all the faery Kingdoms have, made this vow to you,
That we would return upon a day when you would rise in True,
The Faery I say,
They come to beckon you.

And some will become lost and fall into the paradigms grey,
but we shall watch and call and wait,
for this is A Faery Day.

A day when the world shall be healed, and all shall Truly be free,
None faction, nor bulldozer, nor corporation, shall ever again, cut, our Faery Trees,
For these were our homes, and this is our home,
And this is our Paradise grand,
We emerge from the shadows, to reclaim what was,
In our Potent Power.

And the earth shall be rebuilt I say, in a paradise grand and True,
For all the faeries will walk the earth, and cleanse, and guide you,
But we caution you to be aware, that life is not just you,
You are but one of many species that exists and thrives among you,
For this has been and always was, you are not the Dominant Form,
A new life has emerged to claim, this Our Faery Home.

For none should be dominant among another, species or life form,
You have no right to bind our children, to cages, or stone,
For the Animals, and Insects, and Plants, and Trees, and all the Faery Kin,
Have as much right to this planet, as women, fae, and men,
And so they shall reclaim their rightful place,
Among their golden thrones,
And into their wisdom you shall look, as you journey home,
For they will be as Stars above, and you will know them Truth,
As Masters you have killed over and over,
Their deaths, because of you.

But do not fear, nor let in your heart, that The Queen of Fae not loves you,
For I love you True, it is my way, to Love all of you,
and you will bath in the fountain, of the spring of Eternal Youth,
And we will be cleansed of all that was,
and Joy will come to you.

So do not worry at the dance, of Morrigan Queen of Night,
For soon I the Faery Queen of Love,
With come to make it Light,
and I will change the grey to rainbow,
and set it in the Sky,
For a beautiful joy of crystal Love,
and beauty of our Lights.

And many shall say, and come from shadows, to Trick or Treat or Hate,
But Nothing can stop the Storm of Morrigan set lose upon this day,
For you cannot hurt the Thunder, nor stop the EarthQuake, nor shall you rattle even a second, the Tornado twisting your way,
For this is the power of the earth, to reclaim her beauty True,
relinguish the pain, and beckon the rain,
That will wash you through and through.

And into your hearts we place a rose, a rose without thorns,
A rose that blooms with compassion, honey, love, and joy,
The nectar of life, as sweet as bees, that pollinate the flowers,
Drink from the pool of life itself,
and be healed in this hour.

An drink and drink for it shall never, run out nor empty nor go,
the pool of the Mother's fountain is filled with life aglow,
and all the things of form, that built, are nothing more than snow,
for the pool of life itself, the source, is a well of pure, True Ambrosia,
that when drink and eat of it, forget you shall the world,
For you will be in the Halls of Fae,
Forever and ever and ever.