17 September 2011

: Rev.

Q: What will the "New " (4/5D) reality really be like? Will it be a dramatic change like others have described?

A: For some it will not seem dramatic at all, but more of a feeling of "home." There are many beings that have incarnated on earth at this time from other planets and dimensions, as you are well aware. To be in a of joy, unconditional love and an ever-expanding flow of abundance is your natural as . For some to come here and experience a denser plane of reality this was a choice and in some ways, a sacrifice that you made in service to what has been called Father/Mother, or the all-that-is.

Like your Buddha, I advocate a path of a "middle way" that is balanced between all extremes. One can become very high from Spirit so to speak, just as one can become intoxicated by Love. In these times it is wise to stay present in the moment and respond to the issues and reality that is before you. This is a response to your initial question as the entire concept of the Shift has become rather overblown. If you could step outside of this "play" you would see that all is well and is unfolding with . In truth, you are creating aspects of it as you proceed. Some will create a magical existence filled with a childlike wonder and innocence. Others will have a beautiful, but somewhat different experience. Just as there are many aspects and dimensions of you as a being, there will not be a "one size fits all" ascension experience, you see?

This is something that is unprecedented in all of creation. There have been shifts of growth in other galaxies and on other planets, but not quite the same as what is currently happening on your Gaia. This is why it is important to keep one's thoughts and actions positive and to keep away from fear as much as possible. Just as a newborn babe is vulnerable to the and environment in which it emerges into, you see? You are giving birth to yourselves and a new Gaia. Well I will say the true Gaia; back to her original form of perfection, sustenance and beauty, in all of her glory.

In Service & Light. I am Sananda.