27 September 2011

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Actions speak louder than words,
let all hearts be weighed by their actions.
If a man or woman speaks of Love,
But does unjust things,
Then that man or woman is not of Love.
It has been said, let your rule.
But herein lies the problem,
The word, "rule".

For if the Heart, is not balanced, by Truth
it will sink to the bottom of the sea.
If you place a feather on a scale
With a large stone
Which shall float and which shall sink?
So also must you weigh your Hearts,
So also must you weigh the Hearts of All
Does this communication make your heart Soar?
Does this communication make your heart Sink?
Do you feel lighter after this interaction?
Only a feather and a feather can balance a scale.
And so also a stone with a stone.
If the Heart of a feather meets that of a stone,
One will sink the other.
It has been said, "Do not let your Brother drown."
But if you both are sinking, who will save you?
You cannot cure a man or woman of ill,
if he or she has created her own dis-ease,
For you can lead a horse to water,
But you cannot make him drink,
And if you are without water in the ,
And if you give your horse all the water,
Who will lead you out of the desert?
For a horse without a master,
Is directionless
And a Master without a horse
Has no ability to go where he chooses
But split the water in half
And give some to the Master
And some to the horse.
And both will be lead out of the desert.
And so it is with the man or woman whose heart is stone.
He or she would drink all the water, and leave none for the horse.
If your heart is light as a feather,
You will see clearly enough,
To see the path before you,
But if your heart has no Master,
You will be as directionless as the horse
The Master I speak of is your Mind,
The Horse I speak of is your Heart,
Balance your Heart with your Mind
For the two are One.
Some say the Woman is the Heart.
Some say the Man is the Mind
All are both, this is balance.
The Yin and the Yang,
Exist in all.
Follow the way,
A man or woman who has met the ,
Has seen his or her Self
A man or woman who has not seen the Tao
Sees only him or her Self in others
The Master has no Self,
And so he only sees the Tao
Give up your Self,
And you will need no Master
A wise man or woman speaks little, and listens much
What do they hear?
They hear the voice of the Tao
A foolish man or woman speaks often, and listens little
What do they hear?
The sound of their own voice.
A Wise man or woman is also watching
A foolish man or woman always sees, but never watches.
A Wise man has no gods, for All is the Tao,
And having found the Source, he or she needs no gods
Yet, he or she honor them all, as the Source.
A foolish man or woman has many gods, and so he or she serves many
And having served many, he or she honors none.
Since the Master has only One Master, the Tao, there is no-one to serve
For if he or she has but only One Master, who is there to serve, but the Tao?
The way cannot be written down, but many have tried
Some will say this is the way
Some will say that is the way
The Master seeing all form as illusion
Sees that in silence, there is Tao
Before form
Before expression
Before Creation
And so being at one with the way
the master follows no way
For all roads lead back to the Tao
But none of them are the Tao.