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Monday, 26 September, 2011


I like to explore the energetics and ancient meanings of words. I have written several articles that are posted on my blog in the category "language". Here’s a link to those posts:

Recently I’ve been thinking about the difference between the words decide and choose. To me decide feels much more heavy, significant and final. So I decided to do a little research in the dictionary about their origins. Here’s what I found.

Old English: ceosan "choose, taste, try"; akin to Greek geúesthai  “to enjoy&; and Latin gustāre “ to taste, relish&;

Late 14c., from Old French:  decider, from L. decidere "to decide," lit. "to cut off," from de- "off" + cædere "to cut, to kill"

Decide shares the same etymological root with homicide! Definitely a heavier than the origins of choose, “to taste, to enjoy”!

My sister gave me a copy of Magazine which has a very interesting article called “To Choose is To Lose”, by John Tierney. Recent studies have shown that we have a limited amount of decision-making ability before we get “decision fatigue”. Once we are decision fatigued, which doesn’t necessarily feel like regular fatigue, then we either stop making decisions or start making poor decisions.

Factors that increase the decision fatigue include the number of decisions, the importance or significance of the decisions and the amount of will power used to make the decisions. In a study of real car buyers in a German car dealership, customers had to decide, for instance, between 4 types of gearshift knobs, 13 kinds of wheel rims, 25 possible configurations of the engine and from 56 possible interior color schemes. At first the customers were carefully considering their choices, but as decision fatigue kicked in, they began choosing the default option or following the advise of the car salesman. By manipulating the order of these decisions, leaving the most costly for the last, the average difference in what they paid was about $2,000 per car.

Other studies showed that getting some glucose to the brain would at least minimize the fatigue and would sometimes completely reverse it.

In a study of an Israeli parole board, the benefits of glucose were unmistakable. The judges were given a snack of a sandwich and some fruit at mid morning. The prisoners who appeared just before the break had about a 20 chance of being paroled. The ones who came after the break had around a 65 chance of getting parole. Just before lunch the odds dropped to about 10 and jumped to 60 right after lunch. The chance of getting parole dropped continually throughout the afternoon.

What is happening is when the ’s ability to make a decision goes down, he goes for the easiest decision with the least possible consequences. If the criminal is paroled and goes back to a life of crime, that would be a big consequence. However, if he stays in jail, then he will come up for parole again in the future and might make parole then. That is the easiest decision for the to make.

Another major cause of decision fatigue is the use of will power; resisting what we desire. The most commonly resisted desires in one study were the urges to eat and sleep, wanting to play or rest (goof off). Other resisted desires were sex, buying something, telling someone what you really feel about them and participating in various types of social interactions including things like

You can imagine why this makes trying to stick to special diets really challenging. It’s a catch 22.

In order to resist the desire eat something, you need will power.
In order to have will power, you need to eat.

No wonder after a long day of trying to eat the right things (whatever that means to you), making the right decisions, keeping our thoughts positive, resisting saying anything that will get us in trouble or make someone mad, or letting anyone know how weird we really are, we just want to go home and scarf a chocolate chip cookie!

Of course, anything that we eat that will eventually be converted to glucose will feed the part of the brain that makes decisions, but sugary stuff gets in there faster.

We live in a world that has more potential decisions than in times past. Imagine living on a farm 200 years ago. Most of the days would be the same. You get up at dawn, eat some gruel, dress in probably the same simple outfit as the previous day, milk the cows, etc. Think of the number of decisions we make each morning. Coffee or tea? Cereal or toast or just a banana? Check your emails or Facebook or not? Watch the news? What blouse/shirt, pants or skirt or dress? What shoes and socks? Which jacket or sweater? And this is just the first 45 minutes of the day?

Not to mention how much we are all feeling the to make the “right decisions”. So many of us are in huge transitions these days.  We are terrified that if we make the wrong decision then something bad will happen. We could fail (or succeed), we could go broke, we could be rejected by others, and most of all, we might not make it to the New . We’ve got to “stay in the light”, focus on raising our frequencies and most of all do our service for the planet. And all of this is happening while the world appears to be falling apart. No wonder so many people I speak with are exhausted. They have been running on will power for so long, and they are just worn out. I hear things like, “I just can’t make myself do the things that I should do.” These things include keeping the house immaculate, visiting the parents for Sunday dinners, keeper your mouth shut as the idiots at work continue to pass shame and play stupid power games, etc.

So what are we to do about this situation? Remember the factors that increase the decision fatigue:

The number of decisions
The importance or significance of the decisions
The amount of will power used to make the decisions

It’s not too likely that we will be living in a world like that bucolic farm of 200 years ago. In this modern age we are surrounded by possibilities, and that’s a good thing. We can, however let go of the worry about making the wrong decision. We don’t have to think that every decision is really significant and if we mess it up there will be bad consequences. That anxiety about a possible bad outcome, over which we fear we have no control, is the Old Energy trying to get you back into the Earth Game. You don’t have to fall for that trap.

From Ahrazu/Osiris:

We so enjoy the colorful, vibrant Earth reality. Though we are not embodied fully in this reality, we do share your experiences. And we know how intense and often challenging your lives are right now. We would like to help relieve the pressure under which you are living. And we do know how much pressure there is! So please take a big breath with us now. In this now moment, all is well. For right now let go of your worry about the future and your regrets about the past. Bring your awareness into your body and into this now moment. Relax and feel our loving, supportive embrace. You are safe. There is nothing that you can do wrong. I will say that again, there is NOTHING that you can do wrong! Your success is guaranteed.

You are securely locked onto Track T for Transformation. You will not be left behind, you do not need to hurry up and do your “life work”. You have already achieved what you came here to do, to get us on to Track T! Congratulations! Let us come a little closer now and celebrate with you. You are successful. More than that, you are victorious! Take a moment to feel that. (Now Sarah wants to look up success and victory in the dictionary.)

Part of the transformation that you are experiencing now is changing from making decisions in your mind to making choices from your heart. Instead of trying to figure it out, weighing the possible ramifications of each possibility and exhausting yourself, instead use your feeling sense to make your choices. You can trust yourself to know what’s right for you if you stay with your heart, with your knowing and feeling.

Yes, we do enjoy the vibrancy of the Earth Reality. This is what has enticed us to participate. It is so rich, colorful and sensual. There are so many experiences that one can only have here. However, the heaviness, responsibility and worry are not so enticing. These things are part of the Old Reality and are on their way out. You could say that they are kinking and screaming on the way out, though. We want you to know that the heaviness, the struggles, judgments and hurts, will lift. Yes, they are on the way out. The New Reality, which you helped to create and manifest on Earth, is much lighter. You know what the potential is because you helped to create it. And that potential is absolutely going to happen.

So, once again, take that big breath with us and feel our loving embrace, feel your own success and know that you are safe.

Treat yourself to something that makes you feel good, with no guilt. Rest your body when you need to. It’s going through so many transformations right now. It’s OK for you to be yourself. You are wonderful and loved, just as you are.  And it’s OK if your house isn’t perfectly clean!    

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