26 September 2011

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As for most things you do Earthlings, you need tools to perform them. Tools make things easier, faster, more efficient. And having the appropriate tools for the task at hand quite often makes all the difference in the world.

But as with anything, there are the basic tools – they get the job done, but they are not necessarily fancy. Then you have the ones with all the bells and whistles – they don't necessarily outperfom the basic tools, but they look "sharper".

And – of course – you have your "specialty" tools, you know, those who only do one thing – that you can usually do with a basic tool – but are "better", more complex, and usually take a lot of space.

That is so for your regular life, work, house chores, cooking. And so it is for the spiritual "stuff" too.

For spiritual work, though, you could pretty much do everything with your mind/spirit, for that is all you really need.

There is only one "problem" however, when you are in human form Earthlings, it is more challenging for you to do some of the spiritual or esoteric work because so much of it takes place in the realm of the invisible, and you often have trouble knowing where to focus your attention, your thoughts, your , your "power"…

You know it is there, most of the time you feel it, but you do not always see it. For you, it often feels like making a meal out of thin air. So you use tools/props. That is why tools/props come in so handy. We call them "focus enhancers". It makes thin air graspable in a way.

The sound of the bell, flute, singing bowls, drums, tuning forks help you open, expand, for instance. Teas or incense can enhance going to another . Stones can help you concentrate on a desired state of /mind or feeling or promote meditation, as putting your attention on how the stones feel in your hands prevents you from thinking. And there is the pendulum for chakra work…

We could go on forever, but it would be pointless, especially considering what We are about to say next.

You see, once you have a few tools in your kit, you know, focus enhancers that feel right for you, that speak to you, whose functioning you understand, and that you know how to use properly, well, you are all set. Quality over quantity.

We know, you being in the human form, you tend to like variety, so having a few tools help avoid monotony or staleness.

Even when you feel your tool kit is complete, you will still come across something new. A new esoteric gadget if you'd like, that does something different, something you never thought of doing before or something you've been wanting to do, but were not sure how to go about it.

Ask what it does, and more importantly – how it works (the technique). Enjoy the demonstration.

You may think: "Wow, this is amazing! I have nothing in my tool box that allows me to do that! Perhaps I should acquire it…" Of course, you would be right, for that is what you perceive.

Or looking at the technique, you may say aloud or think to yourself: "Well, couldn't I just use a pendulum (for the sake of example) to do the same thing?" You would be right again.

And since We are who We are, we can say the latter is the truer answer.

Of course, the person selling the item will most likely answer "no" to that question if you ask him or her. Then he or she will enumerate all the reasons why. Yes, they are the product seller, and they do have a vested interest in making the sale.

Then again, they may simply fall in the "first right" category. They may very well perceive in their mind, truly believe that the only way to do X is with that particular item.

The key element here is belief or perception, as We touched upon in the previous channeling.

Their mind is just as powerful as yours, it is their perception (your own) that changes their (your) reality. Whatever limitating/freeing beliefs or blockages they (you) may have, it is theirs (yours) to sort out/expand on their (your) own, as part of their (your) journey.

Respect their beliefs/perceptions. Honour yours.

To continue with the example above, if you fall into the "second right" category, go home and see if it can be done with a pendulum. Obviously, Our answer is yes as far as We are concerned.

On another level, let us say that you absolutely love rose quartz. You adore it! It is the stone that speaks to you the most. Then Earthlings, you can use rose quartz for any purpose a stone/crystal can be used and more if you make it so – no matter what anyone says it can or cannot "do".

All stones come from ME (; the Earth), as far as energy is concerned, none is better than another. Humans may attribute
more value/properties to this gem or that stone, but that is a human act.

Still, if you prefer using different stones for different things, then do that. Your life, your choices. Even if you think We may have a point, remember that if you enjoy having 100 stones and 20 singing bowls, what your heart/higher self feels helps you on your path trumps everything We say.

Depending on how skilled you are at using your mind, you can pick a stone you find on the sidewalk, properly clear and cleanse it and use it for your work. If it speaks to you, if you like it, how it feels, it will fulfill any purpose you put it in through intent.
This is only an example. This can be applied to other things.

We have said before, it is simply a question of perception.

Now, you know that certain laws of nature apply to you. Jumping off a building while holding up a quartz crystal will not transform it into a parachute, not matter how great you are at using your mind. should always be used and proper context should be taken into consideration. Remember that no matter how limitless your spirit is, your man-made world as it was created does have certain structures and limitations. Some can be bent or broken more easily and safely than others.

Life really is simple. What often makes it quite complicated are , rules and beliefs.

More and more people are opening up. They want to learn, grow, acquire new skills, perfect gifts and talents.

Take a moment to take stock of what you already have at home as far as (books, stones, instruments – musical or otherwise) to help you on your path. Anything that is not useful to you may be given, sold or discarded to avoid that physical and energetic clutter We have already talked bout.

Be mindful of anything new you are tempted to bring in. Only add things that are truly needed and that feel right to you. Impulse buys are not mindful. Resist buying out of pressure, guilt, fear or appearances (keeping up with the Joneses, you wanting to project a certain image through the purchase – appearing "superior", cool, clever, in-the-know)…

One's spiritual journey is highly personal. Comparison is not only futile, it distracts you from your path. "My higher self is higher than your higher self" is childish ego talk.

When you know yourself, love yourself, trust in your instinct/inner power, you know what you need, you know what to do.

Mind you, it is quite possible others think you are silly, crazy, "stupid" or any other equally unflattering qualifier.

But it is also very probable many will (silently) find you brave, strong, free, illuminating, "powerful" (in the good sense of the term) and will be inspired by you to honour their own unique self and embark on their path.

The only thing you truly need, you already have Earthlings: yoursef/your mind. Carry a few tools/focus enhancers with you as you walk on your path, for they truly help you go deeper as Humans. Still, your journey will simply more pleasant and more freeing if you travel light.

This is all.
Much Light and Love to Everyone

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