26 September 2011

: Mattison Alexandra

The principles of karma far surpass good & bad behavior. Karma is one's experience of reality, as created by one's perception of & effect.

Cause (initial action) + Effect (result of the initial action, which is perceived differently by everyone) = Karma


Person A hurts Person B. Person B is distraught & cannot release the caused by Person A. The is the karma. Holding on to the energetic of this simply attracts more of the same to Person B.

This is why "good" & "bad" karma is virtually non-existent. According to our beliefs, Person A should suffer in the future because he or she has acquired "bad karma." But karma is really just an unresolved/unreleased energy formation. The karma, or karmic pattern, is then held within one's energetic structure. – even to "good" memories or feelings – creates karmic patterns. Thus being attached to "good" karma is just as detrimental as holding on to negativity. Everything in the material world shifts & changes; this is just the process of life. to the physical, then, creates suffering, no exceptions.

Transcending all karma removes suffering.

Only is beyond karma..

But how does one begin to all karma? It would seem that, to eliminate karma, one must cease to live in the physical world, for cause & effect are constants here. Even breathing is an action, thus non-action (non-cause) is nearly impossible for humans to experience. At this point in time, only true yogis/yoginis, saints, Siddhas & other "masters" have been able to permanently achieve transcendent states of being, some of which include the cessation of breath. Their bodies are able to survive despite the lack of inhalation & exhalation. To reach this level of mastery, extreme discipline, asceticism, dedication, devotion, trust, purification & surrender are obviously required; but for the "child of ," someone more in touch with spiritual reality than the physical world, it seems impossible to live any other way.

This doesn't mean that karma can only be transcended through the cessation of action. If one's goal is to remove all karma, then non-action is essentially the final step on this path. But many people do not wish to transcend physical consciousness; they simply want to eliminate problematic karma from their lives. This can happen without a great deal of difficulty.