Channeled by: Julie Miller
August 31, 2011

What a beautiful way to end the month of August by speaking through this delightful vessel to all of you. It warms me, right to my very core.

It pleases me to see that there has been an increase of mutual respect going around the topside of this beautiful planet that you call home. More of you are opening your hearts and expanding your thinking and this pleases me very much. There is never any need to disrespect a or anyone else, especially if they think differently than you.

All of you learn at a different pace and different style and that is how it is. You cannot bend to another’s way, if its not yours or if you do not resonate with it dear ones. The journey you are on does not require competition as there is no need. You are all here for the same thing, and that is to become one with yourself and with the , God to some, the Source to others. You are here to learn, open your heart and your mind to further consciousness, and to become all you can be along this of enlightenment.

I know and I feel your fatigue from the constant lessons from the challenges that you face. Some of these challenges are everyday occurrences from workplaces, school, or other interactions that take place normally. Then there are others that present themselves that sometimes take your breath away. Accepting each one as they come, thanking them for what they are is the best way to tackle your challenges. Yes, they can be frightening, but you have pushed through so much already, and you have gained so much wisdom and knowledge from those past events. Each event you pass through, moves you forward along your path, winding here and there. Sometimes you detour when an event becomes out of control or too much. But you find your way back to your guides, and to the Creator’s love. And he loves all of his children incredibly. As do I.

When the journey gets hard, its important to reach for your guides, the angels, or who you look to for support and guidance. Believe in your heart that they are there for you, as they really, truly are. Take notice to the air shift beside you, to sudden smells, or an inner knowing that someone special is with you, supporting you dear ones. Never, are you alone. This one I am talking through knows when I near when she smells the surround her. You will tune in to what you recognize and associate it with a particular being of Light, regardless if angel or otherwise. You will know, as you believe in yourself and in your intuition.

I know its easy to second guess or doubt yourself. You are presented with so many choices, and its hard knowing which is the right one for you. But dear ones, only you will know what is right or wrong for you. Listen to your heart, and trust what it is saying. Trust in yourself. Yes that is hard isn’t it? TRUST in yourself. Just like loving yourself before you can love another. Trust works the same way. Being able to trust and believe in yourself, will help you with those you interact with, no matter if they are within your vicinity or across the world. When you have absolute trust in yourself, your ability to discern will become more fine tuned as you will be paying attention to your intuition more often.

Its okay to require time to yourself, to be alone to contemplate what you have learned. It is important to monitor yourself along this incredible journey you have chosen. Look back at how far you have come and be amazed at your own growth. Don’t worry about what another has done, as you are not them and they are not you. There are times along your journey, you need to look after YOU. Find time for yourself even its just to meditate for a few minutes, or to sit under a shady tree and feel the gentle breeze of the summer that is almost at an end. Your journey doesn’t have to be feel like you are rushed because you are not. I do not set times on how fast you must move through each challenge, or how high you can raise your spiritual vibrations. The Creator does not do this either. The only one who likes to set times, is YOU. Try and remove the internal timetable and learn at paces that are convenient for you.

I am nearly ready to end our conversation. I would like to add, how pleased I am to see people helping to pick up trash along their way when they are moving about in their community. It pleases me to see community cooperation in the many cities and towns across this beautiful globe.

I embrace each and every one of you lovingly with outstretched arms filled with my unconditional love. May you always find comfort within my love, know and understand I AM a part of your life as you are a part of mine.



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