viewing the video at the second half.


Daytime UFO About 00:46 sec in we have some white and red spheres messing around with each other (six or more I believe, with three in a tight group rotating around each other and three off to the left side). I snapped the pic and they were gone? I used VLC to slow down the video and see the others. UFO, ET, alien spacecraft, organic? Call it what you will, it's great proof in my book.

I had recently bought a new camera ( SX30IS with 35x optical zoom – over 800mm) and started photographing and filming the skies over Sask on a regular basis and have been capturing some pretty cool stuff.

What do you think? I have a bunch more to upload so stay tuned for more ufo's. Thanks for watching 🙂 and thanks for your comments 😉 all of them!