19 September 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

Every word you utter, action/decision you make and consistent/ recurring/ strong thought you have has an effect or a consequence. A ripple in a pond if you will.

The new energies are bringing forth , knowingness, gifts, emotions and so on. As you expand and grow, situations or opportunities will present themselves to you. The wheel always turns, it never stops.

Yes, it is true, some of the experiences or situations can be overwhelming in their intensity or their newness.

Still, what happens to you may inspire you to decide or act differently, do things you seldom do – live outside your "pattern" – if you will. Because the current is strong. Because it feels right.

And even if you only gently dip a toe in the water, you have changed it. Put your into it. The ripples are barely visible, but they are there. They will do their thing.

You may swiftly remove your toe from the water, changing your mind if you will – either fear or your ego scrambling the message your / is sending you. Still, the water knows you were there. Whatever the results of your decision may be.

The thing is, you must learn to live with the consequences of your actions or lack thereof, even when you decide not to follow through on your initial actions. For it is done. Remember that something is only good, bad, joyful or hurtful if you interpret it so.

Two beings can be living the same experience, facing each other if you will, and one will be rejoicing, glad to have experienced this moment in time, willing to explore the door that was opened; the other will be sad, disappointed, hurt because the moment is over or because it felt safer to shut the door that unexpectedly showed up.

Both reactions are acceptable, valid. No judgment. The life of each individual will simply be shaped quite differently as a result.

Please know that for us, consequences it a very neutral term. It simply means the natural effect of all decisions or non-decisions. For you do not live in a bubble. Not doing anything is very much like doing something. Both your action and inaction speak louder than words.

Earthly life is all about choices. And yes, sometimes it is a bit daunting or scary for you to make a decision or go in a specific direction Earthlings. Especially considering all the new things opening up for so many of you.

As We have mentioned before, there seems to be two distinct groups. One, willing to venture into this new territory, guided by their heart/higher self, and explore the opportunity for all it can bring them. They see all the beauty in the possibilities before them, have felt their heart expand and are simply open to all that is.

The other, paralyzed in fear. Unwilling to make any decision, in either way because they are afraid to make the wrong move. Their eyes seem to focus on everything "bad" that can happen, for they are afraid to get hurt or to hurt someone.

The thing is Earthlings, you know that for you to achieve anything, you need to make a decision, take action. If you are hungry for an omelet, you have to be willing to break the eggs so to speak. And when you do, you may very well make the best omelet you have ever tasted on the very first attempt. Or you may discover they are rotten, and then you have to change your plans. Still, you had to do something. In any case, simply staring at the eggs would never have brought you that omelet.

One thing that many of you forget is that even openness requires boundaries. And if members belonging to each group intermingle if you will, the ones whose heart is fully open will tend to quickly set a strong boundary if the "unwilling" participant does too much flipping and flopping.

As nobody lives in isolation, if you stay in indecision too long, are too wishy-washy or contradict yourself too much, be prepared for others to make a blunt decision, removing the bandage in one swift move. The reason is simple.

Some people seem to wish to hold the breeze, and others know it is best to simply feel it. And the ones who enjoy feeling the breeze for what it is do eventually get tired of seeing the others hurting themselves trying to latch on the invisible, uncatchable, soothing breeze. It is a bit challenging to find analogies for these concepts.

You could say that once the decision to live in truth is made, even the challenging things become easy. Everybody hears the bell that was rung, yet not all are willing to acknowledge that fact, even if the echoes are still audible.

It is simply puzzles us how so many of you are plugging their ears after your heart has vibrated so strongly from hearing the music of the bell.

The world is changing, and new experiences are opening themselves to you.

Those who are embracing everything boldly because it feels right to them, their spirit and body are resonating to the sound of life, of all that is will have a much easier time. Every experience will help them grow. The joys and bliss will be immense, and the illusion of pain will barely be felt when things come to an end.

Forcing yourself to resist because your mind tells you to if it is in opposition with what your spirit or higher self tells you will create blockages, anguish, discomfort, heartbreak even.

Stubbornness is the trait of the ego. Whenever the ego wins, growth is stalled.

Your life is yours. And the decisions you make about your life do impact others. That is simply a fact. If you make decisions based on what feels right in your heart, based on the guidance your higher self AND set the required boundaries, everything will be alright.

You are standing by the lake. You can decide to slowly walk in, to dive in, to poke your toe in or to stay on the edge. And no matter what you decide, things will change.

It is up to you to play it safe, or to take that leap of faith. It all depends whether you want to walk through the doors than present themselves to you or close (and lock) them all.

Your life is yours, remember that, yours. It is up to you to make it how you want it to be. And that, my children, usually involve ringing some bells.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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