Dear Ground Crew and bearers of Light,

The below information conveyed by is consistent with the recent updates from the Galactic that I've also received.

I've shared the very latest details of what our Ground Crew could expect in the event of a polar shift in my Wed. 21st WWW.BBSRADIO.COM ; seminar. However the information I conveyed on behalf of the Ashtar Galactic Command was primarily directed to the genuine Bearers of Light.

This information was to assure you that none of the people of genuine Light and Love, or those here as volunteers on assignment–nor their loved ones and families will consciously experience these devastating events.

Instead you will be shifted by means of the Ashtar Galactic Command's advanced technologies– within the time-space-continuum– to a higher gird matrix and hence experiential reality.

You will truly undergo a "quantum leap" and nothing that occurred in the lower consciousness grid—such as a pole shift– will be registered at a conscious level. That means that you will, almost without exception, not even be aware of anything having happened at all.

You will literally blip out of this consciousness zone and appear into the next overlay of consciousness and simply continue on in a new higher state of being.

Main thing is for each to keep their consciousness resonating at the highest possible vibrational level of Divine goodwill and loving harmony.

The of LOVING HARMONY is the state that is most compatible with the higher dimensional level we are heading into now.

Divine Love and Grace enfold you all,

Cmdr. Lady Athena

Pleiadian For September 25th to 29th

In meditation I was told the Earth Changes are Here. They are going to move very fast between now and November upon which there will be an end to tyranny. They talk about a Universal God or consciousness that is more like a frequency and a force. It will be pressing hard upon the Earth and this entire Galaxy evoking great change.

Scientists are aware of these forces, they are measurable yet most do not know how they operate or the effects they will have on humanity and the Earth. We need to let go of physical reality as being solid and fixed, it is not. Understand the basics of the vibrational continuum; which goes from consciousness to light then energy and finally mass.

The physical reality we are experiencing is changing. The energies on Earth are also changing. There is more light and the root cause is consciousness. The consciousness grid we once operated on is being dismantled and a new higher consciousness and energy is taking its place.

The higher beings operate at cause or at the consciousness, light and . They are far superior and knowledgeable than the controllers who operate on lesser levels, less power, love, joy and wisdom. The frequency of the consciousness of the controllers is very low and unevolved. It is locked into the ego; which is self-serving and desires power and control over others. Their consciousness and the consciousness of those they have aligned themselves with can no longer operate in the new grid.

The curtain has fallen, the wizard has been exposed and the has no clothes. The controllers have become disgusting even to their own peers.

As these changes move down through the vibrational continuum we will see social, economic and eventually physical Earth Changes. There will be a quickening in the action/reaction principle or Karma. There will be a great uncovering of all actions that are not in the highest and best good of humanity and the Earth.

Everything out of alignment with Unity Consciousness a great wave that is now pressing hard upon the Earth will cease. The separation game, self-serving individuals, those who desire power and wealth at any expense will not surf this wave. There is no security for them anywhere; which they are now finding to be a truth.

The Earth must do what is necessary to cleanse and heal despite many of our attachments. This includes major CMEs, solar flares which are conscious. There will be erratic and severe weather and unprecedented increases in earthquake and volcanic activity. This is no longer prophecy it is science and statistics. It is a cycle and the last cycle concluded in pole shifts, continents rising and falling with a new beginning.

It is time to lovingly and joyously prepare knowing as in the last shift there are those who chose not to listen, not all incarnated to make this physical shift. I was told they did not listen to the Prophets in the past for various reasons and they are not listening now for the same reasons. I was also told the elite know yet there is a difference in being clever verses wise. Clever looks out for the self, wise knows there is no self in unity consciousness. Be well.
James Gilliland