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This weekend a rich and miraculous harvest begins.

As I contemplate the layers of meaning of this particular Equinox, I realize that I’ve never felt so attuned and aligned with the rhythms of as I did when I lived in an off-grid, earthen, passive-solar home in . We grew through the summer months, cultivating and receiving the bounty of Mother until the plants withered in the waning autumn light.  I felt in my total being the cycles of , Sun and . I tasted the soil in each homegrown bite, and knew that the cosmos and I are one. Sometimes I long for the simplicity of those off-grid days.

Today, as the sixth day of the Mayan Ninth Wave comes to a close, is emerging from her underworld journey, appearing after sunset in the western sky. This rebirthing reflects our own. It feels, by turns, exuberant and exhausting, luscious yet harsh. The abundance of each experience is inescapable.

We haven’t seen Venus since July 11 when she slipped away to meet up with the Sun, hidden from our view. What has transformed in your life since then?



As evening star, Venus presides in the western sky after sunset, inspiring art, romance, and all things poetic. I’m really glad she’s back. I think we all could use some Venus mojo right about now.

Tomorrow, on the Equinox, the sixth and final night of the ninth Mayan underworld begins.

During each “night” of the ninth underworld (calculated by Mayan calendar researcher ), we integrate the spiritual energies downloaded during the previous 18-day “day.” (For more about the 9- and 18-day rhythms of the Ninth Wave, see my previous blog posts.)


Light and Dark

Each year at this time, the Earth and Sun pause in their dance with the stars. Equinox, the time of perfect balance when day and night are of equal length, continues for three days.

Astrologically, Equinox happens when the Sun crosses into Libra, exact this year on September 23 at 5:05 a.m. Eastern. The Libra point is one of two places where the ecliptic crosses the celestial equator and lies in the direction of the supergalactic center (the point in deep space around which our local cluster of galaxies orbits.)

Right now, Saturn, Mercury and Venus are already hanging out in that part of the sky, near the bright star Spica. The dazzling reunion will grow increasingly visible near the western horizon as the sun sets through mid-next week.


Evening Stars

The magic escalates on Tuesday when the Sun and Moon meet in Libra. The Sun-Moon conjunction aligns with supergalactic center, with Mercury, Venus and Saturn nearby. Under this configuration, creativity and passion are ignited. (These energies can be highly destructive as well. Word to the wise.)

The alignment is exact at 7:09 a.m. Eastern on September 27. The crescent moon reappears next week, mingling with the visible planets.


Center Place

Themes are balance, integration, justice, beauty and peace. In an increasingly chaotic world, moments like this don’t come around often. Feast on the visual display and receive sustenance for the soul this harvest season.

How are you celebrating the  Equinox? What’s happening in your community? And the big questions: How can we restore balance to our lives and our world? What would it be like to live more simply, in harmony with nature?

With this passage, attune to the rhythms of creation. Honor the Earth and all creatures. Flow with the creative wave. Trust beauty.

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