12 September 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

Nothing matters more than who you are. What you emanate as a spirit if you will. Still, so many of you are active doers. Often, to the point of harming yourself (and sometimes others). Forcing yourself do to, to , to be there for others when you really should be taking care of yourself.

Yes, we are aware that you have many Earthly responsibilities: children to tend to, jobs that require your presence. And yes, sometimes it is challenging as a parent to get help when you need to nurse a cold or slow down because of a broken arm. And yes, some places of work make it quite difficult for some of you to take a sick day when you really need it.

For those of you, ask for help or lenience/compassion whenever possible. In your world, you have to ask for these things, as they are not instinctively given. And if you tend to always show a brave front, quite often others do not even realize or sense that you need a helping hand or support.

Still, how many of you who are able to take that time off stubbornly show up to work no how ill or contagious you are? (for instance) What a loving way to treat yourself… and your coworkers.

We are sure they applaud your courage as they do their best to avoid being in your trajectory and they double or triple check anything that you do to try to catch any mistakes or screw-ups you tend to make when you show up in these conditions.

Do you actually think your coworkers are happy to see you when you show up in this state? "Great!" one may say. "I always catch his nasty colds. And my little girl who has a weak immune system… What is it going to do to her this time?" Or "Geez, I wish she would have stayed at , covering for her is actually less work than looking out for her", someone else may think.

And it is beyond our comprehension when you get behind the wheel in these circumstances (when ill). When you do, you are no better than the drunk or speeding driver really.

No job or task or thing is ever important enough to risk your physical life or that of another being.

Note: Here We mostly mean situations where you are unwell or overly exhausted, which makes you a threat to others and yourself. But We also refer to circumstances where you are not fully present to the task at hand. It is a bit tricky when We have to give an example to illustrate a concept much larger than the example itself. We are asking you to look at the bigger picture, what the example represent and not necessarily the example itself.

You see, you can be a danger for yourself and for others when you insist on doing things when you really should not. We do not know what you are trying to prove when you act this way. One thing we know, is that love (self-love/self-care and love/care for others) is almost always absent at these times.

Yet, we know that your society encourages this type of behaviour, applauds it even! This is a selfish attitude in the bad sense of the word. For in these instances, you think that what you do is more important than who you are, and you deny your own needs to please others or to conform to a societal ideal/value.

Yes, an occasional act of selflessness is often appropriate, for sometimes others urgently need your help, and you must be there for them.

Here we are talking about the ingrained tendency to (almost always) do more than you should. To say yes to a dinner party invitation when what you really need is a night at home with your partner, exchanging a massage. Or getting sucked into your friend's drama, who always turns to you because she knows you can't say no, when you really should be spending the evening soaking in a hot bath. Or it is helping a lax coworker – once again – with his own work while your own suffers.

When that type of behaviour becomes a habit, if you (almost) always tend to other people's need before your own, the love that used to be present in your actions will slowly disappear. And without noticing it, resentment may creep in, anger even, as well as many other dense thoughts and emotions.

Self-love may sell a lot of books and products, but it is not an ingrained act or notion in your society. In a way, while self-love has a lot of "cash-value", it is not valued.

It may seem like a contradiction, but sometimes you have to love yourself enough to say no to another.

And sometimes you feel others will love you less if you say no. The truth is, that no matter how uncomfortable telling someone yes is, this sacrifice you are making somehow makes you feel more lovable.

However, the more you deny yourself what you need, the less others will feel inclined to give it to you. If you give very little to yourself, how do you expect anybody to give you the very thing you withhold for yourself. This is tricky to explain.

All of this slowing down, doing less, decluttering, going within and so on We have been talking about is really about self-love. For that is where everything begins. It takes an incredible amount of self-love to do something for yourself that most people around you do not understand.

And the more love you give yourself, by doing what is needed to take care of your physical, spiritual, emotional health/self, the more you are able to give to others. Not only that, when self-love is present what you give truly comes from the heart, truly emanates from a place of love.

In fact, if your heart is full of love for yourself – if your well of self-love is overflowing in a sense – then you have plenty of fuel to be there for others even if you are not having the best day of your life.

Others sense it when you say accept something you would rather refuse. Maybe only on a sensory level and not a conscious one.

Yes, the Earth is changing energetically and physically. You are evolving as a species Earthlings. To practice gentleness on all levels, your understanding of yourself, of the world is changing to help you make sense of it all. Some veils are being lifted. Long held "truths" (illusions) are being broken, like chains. They served man-made institutions, but acted as prisons for your spirit.

Self-love will truly change your world and the world. Yet, it is a gift that only you can give yourself. Active self-love is an important part of your enlightenment, your evolution. It is a "concept" that must be lived, experienced, felt, and not merely thought in the mind. As strange as it may sound. It is the sort of thing that you must do to be.

The more self-loving you are, the stronger and more powerful/sustainable your light is. For to build the World you want/need, you need to love yourself first. If this fails to make sense to you now, it eventually will.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to everyone.

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