Sep 4

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Friends, I would like to expand on what is said in today’s Love yourself message. Without these blockages being removed that have held some of us back, we will continue to find ourselves butting heads with the stressful situations that are employed by illusion. Have you not noticed in these times that you have literally been shaken to your core on many matters? These are purposeful happenings, and though the frustration that can result is what is really employed by illusion, the events that may manifest said frustration are planned ahead of time by your higher self and your ascended guides. Every moment, occurence and happening we experience is usually planned or ‘created’ in the higher dimensions and then sent to manifest on our plane of understanding.

Many may ask, ‘why would our guides purposefully manifest negative events in our Lives if they are trying to help us ascend?’ Well, consider the possibility that the ‘negative’ events that manifest in our Lives really aren’t negative at all. Consider that when these events occur, we automatically label them as good or bad based on our beliefs and experience. What’s right for you, may not be right for some. Consider that our higher selves are trying to get us to realize the falsehoods of our labels on Life, whilst simultaneously getting our attention by manifesting events that will jarr us awake if we had been slumbering. Finally, consider that this whole effort is based in teaching us to stay centered.

Coming out of one’s center, one’s source of Love and Joy can lead us down the familiar path of the lower vibrations. I’ve noticed that if I have been sitting in front of the tv or computer for too long and I am faced with what I would label a stressful situation, I will usually react in some lower way as I let the outside influences take me out of my center. One can’t spend all day in meditation or , (though if I could I would, and we will be soon enough!) so attaining true balance requires effectively keeping a foot in both worlds. It is best to stay grounded in both the remainder of the third dimension and the new dimensions in which we are only just beginning to perceive. Much Love friends, and remember to keep your connection to the higher dimensions healthy and balanced. :)

Wes Annac